Sprint / re: samsung 8 plus

I spent close to $850 for my phone. I love it and I buy all samsung. But 3 days after receiving the phone no matter charging or holding it gets very hot. Very good chance it can catch fire or explode. I notified sprint and sprint said get a hold of you. But I been played and the 7 day refund or exchange ran out and I am pissed. If this phone does catch fire etc then your talking a lawsuit and media. I cannot go without it cause (1) I am a traffic control specialist and I recieve texts every night to where I am to be next day. (2) my mom is dying and I am the executive and need the phone for that. I requested a replacement with a return label in the box to return the old one. I can only use the phone for these two things. I have notified the attorney general, inspector general and the bbb and as I talked to them they said I could try one more time to settle this if not call them back which the complaint is filed already. All my emails are. Screen shot and from the phone getting hot I believe the board is messed up it freezes, and won't type. I am very upset with this outcome and will not be called a liar. If a new phone isn't sent out by 2 day fed ex as promises weeks ago I will follow through with the others. Whats better a lawsuit for me or someone else getting hurt or replacing it and then me sending the old one back?
Mark strohecker
226 keystone way
Ellwood city, pa.16117

Nov 16, 2017

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