Sprint / overbilled every month

Woodland, WA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 503-358-5885

Since signing up for 2 more years with new Smart Phones, sprint has overbilled us every month. the first month they added on $60 in additional Apps they said I had signed up for. I had not signed up or even looked at the apps in question and in fact had only signed up for one free Word with Friends app. They said they would split the difference and after threats to quit the service, finally dropped the charges. They also overcharged me $7.68 on regular charges, but credited it when questioned. Since then there are just small overcharges. The way their bills are written, they add on the second line twice, not deducting the full $110 for the second phone. they also added the 19.99 for the second phone 2 times on my bill, crediting once for it. There are so many unnecessary charges and credit listed it makes it hard to figure out without pulling out a calculator. On Jan. bill I was overcharged $67.68, Feb bill I was overcharged $8.42, March bill overcharge was $7.78. These overcharges are not evicent unless you really look for them. I think Sprint knows about these, and would not credit me unless called on them. When they do give you a credit there is no explaination of why the overcharge, or why the credit, so they can not be te=raced. Do you know how much money they must be making on unsuspecting customers? multiply my $6 a month by how many millions of customers and you have a very healthy profit margin without any expense attached. A pretty penney or two for their stockholders I would our expense.
Another complaint I have is their discrimination against people who do not know how to use computers. the new Fee for a detailed bill is unfair to those who are not computer literate. I imagine their stockholders don't pay for the detailed stock report they get each month either.


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