Sprint / no refund

I've been a Nextel customer since I can remember, many years using their direct connect phones. I've had up to four phones at one time. Down to only two phones without a contract for years I lost one. I called Sprint to de-activate that phone and went to purchase another. After waiting for what seemed like over an hour I finally got to speak to a sales person. I explained that I'd been a loyal Nextel customer for years, no complaints, and wanted to try a Sprint "Rumor" phone. I asked if they could give me some type of discount trying to remain with them. They offered a small (worthless amount off my mthly.) Plus a $50.00 mail in rebate. I was satisfied and the salesperson stated my rebate would take about 14 days upon receiving my rebate form.
Two days after the initial 14 day period I called and was told that it would take a little longer due to processing. I waited some time after that and called again. This time they told me that it might/could take up to 2-3 mths for everything to be fully processed and then I'd receive my check.
Today... I decided to call them again and this time they told me I was declined?? The reason? I hadn't signed up for a two year contract??? Wait, I was never told about needing to sign up for a two year contract?? If I didn't sign up for a two year contract why? Why, was I given a mail in rebate to begin with??? At this point (the stupidviser) I was speaking to couldn't help me any further but to say sorry. So, I asked him to put his higher up on the phone. The manager; who sounded now, who sounded exactly like the supervisor, repeats the same song n dance. Where is my refund??? No one ever told me not the one time in the store or the two times I'd called. The conversations are taped but it didn't really matter because in the end - I THE LOYAL CUSTOMER - got screwed. You should've read the fine print... yes, even me the loyal customer. Well here's what I think of Sprint... "F" u and I hope your company goes bankrupt asap!
Loyal customers should come first and be treated honestly. If I had to sign up for a two year contract to receive this lousy $50.oo then tell me duh!! Don't make me think I'm getting this great "F'n" deal a.k.a. SCAM and then proceed to make me feel like a fool for not having read the fine print of this so-called form that was immediately mailed out - cause I trusted your salespeople!
Yeah, Sprint... You covered your ###'s well. I went over the 30 days (just as you planned) so I couldn't return the phone. But that's ok. Soon as the contract is up - you lose two loyal customers.
Soooo hoping your company and poor faithful lying employers get exactly what you all deserve.


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