Sprint / horrible customer service

Bloomingdale, IL, United States

I went into the sprint store about 2 weeks ago in Bloomindale, IL army trail location. No one greeted me and my family when we walked through the door. We ended up walking over to the closest Rep. to ask for help. I went to upgrade my phone from a 5s to a 6s. This guy Zain Zaidi made 3 mistakes that delayed my visit 3 hours. First after he registered my new phone, and I paid my money. I realized that he had the wrong color phone. I asked for gold he pull out a black phone. He then had to cancel my order and start over again. Then he questioned me about having my phone backed up in the cloud. I told I'm not sure. He then replied to me with a smart remark of why and that's what I should have done. Then after that he finally switch the info from my phone to the new phone. He asked me to enter in my password. I entered it in 3 times and it didn't work. It was because this guy downloaded someone else info on my phone. He ask me was that my email address and I said no, and that's how I knew he downloaded the wrong info.
All while this guy was making all these mistakes, he was on his personal phone, face book. Making comments to the other specialist. talking about restaurants ect. Everyone else was nice and seem to be giving good customer service. Me... I wish I would have went to another sprint store.

Aug 12, 2016

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