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Sprint / fraudulent company

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My fiance and I have been with Sprint for approximately three years, and have renewed our contract a few times in the course, as we have upgraded phones. Every now and then we'll have a glitch with the company, but as of late, things have gotten progressively worse.

About four months ago, we started getting charged for Jamster ringtones we never downloaded or authorized. We were instructed by Sprint that they weren't responsible for charges from third parties, and we had to pay the 6.99 and click unsubscribe on our account page at We did so. Next month, same charges. The rep this time took off the charges and walked us through the same steps. Next month, same charges. The representative again told us he couldn't take the charges off, and we had to unsubscribe. I got irate, and told him what he was going to do-- take off the charges, and make sure the d--m thing stayed off. Needless to say, it didn't work. Contacting Jamster was near impossible, but finally I got through to a guy who spoke English about as well as my friend's Boston terrier. When I threatened legal action for fraud, he spoke English real nice and took the ring tones off. Funny, huh?

I thought it was over, but then guess what? We had a UPstage phone die! My fiance had replacement plan, though, and only had to pay 50 dollars to get it replaced. I think that's a rip, but it was clearly stated and he agreed to the terms. Long story short, they mailed us a new phone, but didn't properly instruct activation. We were getting messages from the Verizon network about unavailable services. Great, right? Various techs told me how I had done something wrong, and one girl ventured to tell me to remove the battery-- battery?! Anyone who has seen an UPstage knows they are built like an mp3 player-- that is, internal, unremovable battery. Real competent personnel, huh? I finally got someone who would listen instead of talk at me, and we figured out the problem-- we had been given the wrong codes to type in.

Well, this new phone would give us another kick in the pants when our bill came. It seemed they had taken off the text message package, the PCS vision package, everything that we had on that line when the phone was replaced. It doesn't make sense why they'd do that, especially as I had been assured they would NOT do that (call me paranoid, I suspected them by now). The man offered to take off the 20 something dollar charge for the packages being re-added and we would only have to pay the 29 something for the used text messages and the 60 something for internet. I politely informed him what he could do with that offer, and that the charges would all be taken off and the account set up correctly. I pride myself on being persuasive, and he fixed it. Good.

Well, the UPstage didn't seem to hold up to my fiance's abuse-- works on docks with freight-- and he wanted something a bit more pocket-friendly. He saw the Musiq and fell in love, so he got that one. The girl at the kiosk (we don't apparently have Sprint stores anymore in the world, given runarounds from the past) told him it was all set up, nothing would change, and there was no need to pay any upgrade fees as it would not be classified as an upgrade. Terrific! A few days later, the phone freezes, the outside buttons stop working. He consults the Sprint store here in town, and all they can do is try another battery in it. Nothing doing. He is told to take it back where he got it. Now, when we have had faulty phones in the past, we take them back, they give us a new one, no problem. The kiosk we had used, please shoot me now, was in a mall an hour away. We get there and the girl won't switch it out unless we have the box and everything, even though they have never asked for that before. New policy, apparently, so the fiance goes all the way back the next day to get his phone.

Now, that isn't the end of it. Our bill came.. and guess what was on there? Yes! TWO upgrade fees of 19.00!! Charges for text message use, as well as a text message plan-- apparently, plans don't cover use anymore? And here's to boot, the new plan my fiance had apparently signed up for with another non-English person was supposed to be unlimited messaging for both lines for 20? It was listed under my phone number, even though his is primary. Weird, no? Here's the clincher-- there was also a TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR equipment fee!! Needless to say, my happy little butt was on that phone in an instant.

Sprint apparently doesn't want our business, because I talked to no less than SIX people, all of whom told me different things about the text plans, several who refused to remove the upgrade fees (one who finally did), a few who wouldn't take off the text fees (ah, another finally did), two 'supervisors' who shouldn't work for an English speaking company and then get mad at ME when I can't understand them (snotty you-know-what, hope she's fired, I was being polite), and someone who suggested that we drive back to the kiosk with our credit card statement, the bill, and the phone and argue it with them. I was foaming at the mouth by this time, and came pretty close to smoking again and ruining my seven months nicotine free. The head honcho woman I finally got to said all she could do was remove the text messaging fee, the two charges for upgrades (which we shouldn't have had, and if we should have, there was only one fricken phone line with a new cell!), and open a case about the 200 bucks.

Funny thing is, the phone was 299.00 plus tax, I believe, which made it around 314 or so, give or take for my bad math. We paid with Capital One, the payment cleared. Where did an even 200 come from? Nobody seems to know. I thought maybe it was the battery, but my fiance popped that theory-- the girl at the store who tried a new battery never gave it to him to keep, never took his name or phone number, and never saw any identification. In other words, she couldn't have put it on a bill. As it stands, Sprint said they would look into it and contact US when they figured out what happened. All I have to say is, if they try to charge us late fees for nonpayment of SUSPENDED charges, I'm going to blow.

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  • Mi
      12th of Sep, 2006
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    Sprint - long distance and dsl problem
    United States

    Sprint... or now another conglomerate “Embarq”. This company had basically defrauded us into believing that the great deal of Normal Service plus national Long distance and DSL for a low price of $80 per month. With additional fees that amount to more than 25% of the original quoted price, I hardly see what “savings” we are making.

    Of course, they have you set up a contract for a year, so we are not sure on what we will do or how to mitigate the fraudulent issue as I directly asked the sales representative (unfortunately I did not tape the conversation) about additional fees or charges. Of course, the first bill was a bit higher because we had to pay for the DSL which came with a rebate. However, after the price of the DSL system was off our bill, it was still in excess of what it should be.

    Upon inquiry from my wife, they simply told her “fees and taxes”. Huh? What gives with that... Reminds me of the T-Mobile commercials with the thug-wanna be gangsta rappers who come out and tell the guy he is out of minutes. Then, when he asks about it, they say “fees, fees”.

    Whatever! The telecom industry is as crooked as it comes if you ask me. Particularly at a military base, where there is no competition! I thought there were anti-trust or monopoly laws... something!

    For what it’s worth,

  • Wb
      10th of Nov, 2006
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    Sprint - can't live up to their contract
    United States

    Here I go again. Sprint once again is in Breach of Contract. To make up for breaching their contract with me over and over again last year, I was suppose to receive FREE Nights and Weekends regardless of what time I made the call. As usual, everything has been fine up until now.

    Suddenly, I noticed a $5 charge for Nights and Weekends. I decided to check my past bills and found Sprint has been charging me $5 for Nights and Weekends for the last THREE bills!

    I called and spoke with one of their stupid representatives who told me I could only get credit for 60 days. I told her, I had a contract with Sprint, and that I should NOT have been charged in the first place, so I don't care if the 60 refund policy is on their bills or not. I believe legally, they breached their contract with me for I believe the FIFTH time since I signed up with them.

    I am waiting util 9 AM CST to call their executive office and see if I will get another run around or be connected to Pam Davie, Claudia Poe, or Edgar Smith. The last time I called I had to leave voicemail messages and not one of them returned my calls.

    I am so sick and tired of Sprint's games. In my opinion they are NOT TO BE TRUSTED. I signed up with them in April 2017, and it has been one problem after another with them. I have to watch EVERY SINGLE BILL. The service is UNRELIABLE, even though I live in the service area. When I complain, the excuse is Cingular built a tower right next to ours so it is interferring with service. BUT, it seems right after I complain, my service gets better for awhile and then the whole thing repeats.

    I am going to file yet another complaint to my State Attorney General and ask him to tell Sprint to release me from my contract WITHOUT PENALTIES. I can't wait until April. Enough is enough. I have given Sprint more than enough time to get their act together.

    I wish this company would get hit with a great big fine and then maybe it will learn something.

  • Ma
      23rd of Jan, 2007
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    Word for word, Mike's experience is identical to mine. I totally agree. I budgeted for the monthly amount they falsely advertised and can't afford to pay the hidden extra costs of $25-30. I don't understand why nothing can be done.

  • Am
      24th of Jan, 2007
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    Sprint - I had been charged $1600!
    United States

    I have a two phone account with Sprint PCS. I have the main phone on the account. When i signed up, at an Indiana store, two years ago I was told I was being signed up for a mobile to mobile nation wide plan, (as advertised). When the user of my second phone took the phone to Califorina, several calls were made to my main phone. When the bill came that month there were something called "travel charges," on my bill. I had been charged $1600 in travel charges for talking phone to phone on a family plan account! I think this is ridiculous, this is not the plan i signed up for, and I would like the plan changed back to what I asked for, and the charges taken off.

  • Je
      10th of May, 2007
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    Sprint - do not deal with sprint!
    United States

    Words are not enough to describe the anger I have towards Sprint.

    First of all, I ordered my phones online. The online representative promised me a $50 service credit per phone and I believed her because she sent me an e-mail confirmation listing it as a 'bonus' I was to receive by signing up with her. Immediately after I gave her my confirmation number [of purchasing the phones] she disconnected the chat and disappeared.

    When I received my first bill, guess what? No service credits. I think I had spent over 5 hours on the phone with them... half of that time was spent waiting for a representative, no matter what time of the day I called. It was like pulling teeth to get that credit posted to my account and even to this day, they cannot tell me where the credits went.

    Now I am dealing with a new situation. The rebates I submitted are being processed as "invalid" because I have already received credits. I have never received credits for my phones. The phones each cost over $200. The ONLY reason I purchased them was because after rebates, they came out to $9.99. Now they are telling me that I owe them that money. Unbelievable.

    My advice to you is this: DO NOT DEAL WITH SPRINT. They lie, cheat and steal your money. Their customer service is beyond miserable and their service is nothing impressive either.

    I am unfortunately stuck in this relationship for another 2 years because I was suckered into their false advertising. Don't make the same mistake that I did. If you are thinking this is a great deal, go elsewhere. Spend a little extra to go with another service provider.

  • He
      29th of Jun, 2007
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    Sprint - extremely frustrated with the companies overbilling!
    United States

    I had Sprint phones/services for many years. On August 2017 my family was moving to Illinois. While moving I called my daughter but noticed there was no service. When I was able to call the representative told me that Sprint was merging with Nextel and asked me if I would switch I agreed. I had many problems with Sprint, as so did many family members and friends so they switched to Nextel. Well, I don't think I need to tell you point by point for everyone to read how this phone company has taken advantage of a handicapped woman, but I will ask someone within your corporate office to look into how much overcharged monies I have paid to his account and contact me as soon as possible to resolve this issue once and for all. I am receiving threats of my phone being shut off. I have paid anywhere from 125.00 to 400.00 for one given month when it never should have been over 90.00.

  • Jp
      31st of Jul, 2007
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    Mike I totally agree. Same thing happened to me. I had it happen with Sprint PCS. I live in Boston had a 617 area code. The person that owned the phone number before me... (I assume) had moved to New York and canceled the service according to one rep. and I got their number. For whatever reason Sprint kept charging me New York taxes (Which are WAY higher than Mass. plus Kings County tax.) They refused to credit me too... Sprint is the worst company EVER... Their CEO + Board should be drawn and quartered.

  • Tr
      21st of Aug, 2007
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    Sprint - no regular phone number to contact
    United States

    I have been a customer of Sprint for over a year now. We don't always mail our bills. We have attempted to make payments at the Sprint store.. sometimes in person, sometimes by putting the payment in the mail slot at the store (They don't open till 10am some days). We are now being told that the mail slot is not for payments (go figure... they don't want their money!!).

    I am now attempting to make my payments via the internet but there is some snafoo. Now and I am attempting to call. I call the 1-888-211-4727 number that appears on my bill and I am told to call *3 on my phone to make a payment and then I am hung up on.

    I am at a home phone where I just want to call a number to make a payment but they don't give you that option. So now I have to search the internet for an alternative number to get to someone to pay my bill.

    Very Very frustrating.

  • Va
      12th of Sep, 2007
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    Sprint - charged for things I never signed up for
    United States

    I have had bills larger then my car payment, upon complaining to the company I never would get an explanation until finally I found I was being charged for things I never signed up for. When trying to call I am on hold for at one time 1 hour. Recently sprint went in my checking account after I already made my payment and wiped out my account, I called them before this happened and told them I already made the payment and they do not have authorization to take money out of my account, now my account is very messed up, after trying to clear this up they have credited the wrong account, so in the meantime my account still is being charged, now it's up to 900.00 worth of fee's. I have a daughter who needed school supplies and because sprint had called me to report they had credited my account I thought I could get her school supplies, but the credited the account that I made the first payment from, instead of the account they took the automated payment from, when I told them not to.

  • Lp
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    WARNING!! Do not deal with Sprint! My story is too long to get in to. Trust me. Worst customer service ever!

  • Ja
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    I also have been dealing with a nightmare with sprint-I have had a contract with them since it was nextel- i have overcharges, no credits towards my phones and everymonth i have to call them over the overcharges on my bill-last month i had a zero balance-this month my phone bill is over 800.00. you call and wait for hours for a rep- and they cant help you- been to stores- they say the reps only get paid minium wage so they dont care- After a year of being ripped off and overcharges they cant justify-I suggest everyone stay away from SPRINT- they lie, and steel your money.

  • Ma
      21st of Dec, 2007
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    Read the terms, and if you recall, Telecoms are REGULATED by the government while cable is not. Those taxes and fees go towards the goverment. ### at the goverment and deaf/blind people, because thats where the extra money goes. duh

  • Va
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    Sprint - scam charges!
    United States

    I ordered a PC card from Sprint April 2017, online. It looked like the order did not go through. So, I did it again. 2 PC cards showed up. I opened 1, tried to download it. Not compatible with my PC. I called Sprint, they sent me return envelopes. I sent both PC cards back. They have billed me for the following 6 months for 2 cards. I was finally able to speak to a real person, and they deleted the account.

    They said my balance was zero. I am still getting billed for 1 PC card, and they even sent me a check for 6.99... said I overpaid them for one of the accounts. I cannot open any account online with sprint to check any status. You need a Sprint phone number to access anything online. Anytime I call, I end up telling the whole story to at least 7 different people, none of whom help. Now I have RPM creditors after me. SPRINT SUCKS.

  • Va
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    Sprint - terrible experience
    2001 Edmund Halley Drive
    United States

    I ordered my Curve on June 17th, unaware that it was on backorder. I finally received it on June 27th. I get the box open it up insert the battery and begin to charge it. I go to turn it on and nothing and I call sprint and go through tech support with them and still we can't get the phone working. So I go the next day and take it to the store they can't get the phone to work. The representative there tells me to take it home and call customer support. Which I do...

    I get shuffled around to several different departments, I'm basically told this... they will send a return box. But they can not order me a new phone. I ask to speak with a manager. Get transfered over there. The manager says 'ok lets get the return started first' So we do that. Then proceeds to order me a new phone... at this point I'm thinking 'finally i can get this resolved'

    Fast forward to today. I get a buzz from the ups man. Thinking its my return box. Low and behold its a package from sprint. A package that contains the blackberry 8830... So now I have been charged for 2 phones one that doesn't work, from the time I received it and one I didn't order...

    Back on the phone with sprint... they tell me that the return box is on its way for the Curve. And that I should go to the store and exchange the 8830 they sent be by mistake, for the Curve to replace my defective one. I have a feeling that I'm going to be coming home from the store with the 8830 tomorrow and spending yet another evening on the phone with customer service, then waiting for another return box.

    All I'm asking the company to do, is replace a phone that was defective when received it.

  • Sh
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    I don't understand how it's possible to purchase a plan for $79.99 and every month the bill is over $300. I hardly use my phone, but apparently I seem to go over my minutes. I call customer service(which by they way is located somewhere in India) there is always some fee or charge that has been applied. The representative can never make sense enough for me to understand why my bill is super high. Out of frustration, I just give up and pay the amount because no matter how many times I ask the same question, they can never give me an answer. Thank goodness my contract ended they tried effortlessly to have me renew it. I don't understand how such a crappy company has not gone bankrupt!!! I'm sure millions of people are having problems with them. Please, do yourself a big huge favor, dont do Sprint...RUN...far far away from them.

  • Ja
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    the number on the bill is the one you need to provide, all cards use cell numbers to access the network

  • He
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    Sprint - everything.
    Sprint/ Nextel
    United States

    Sprint was my first cell phone company as I was moving to a new town for college. My best friend and I signed up on the same account so that our monthly bill would be lower. Our bill was OUTRAGEOUS every month. Our bill would be $300-$500 a month! For two girls! We would always end up paying the bill in full because the idiots in the store couldn't give us any information or explain to us as to why our bill was over each month, and of course we are stuck in a stupid contract. Eventually my friend and I separated our accounts, which also renewed each of our contracts, hoping that this would solve our billing situation.
    NOPE! My bill was still at least $200-$400 each month. The bill statement and the bill total never correlated. Each month that I got my bill I would end up going to Sprint demanding an explanation of my bill and how they came up with that total. NO ONE, AND I REPEAT NO ONE could explain my bill to me. I continued paying until I was so fed up (and becoming poor) that I realized I would be better off paying a one time payment of $300 cancellation fee instead of $300 a month. So I canceled with Sprint and found a happy relationship with T-Mobile.
    THAT'S NOT ALL... It has now been almost two years that I have canceled from Sprint's awful existence on this earth... and this strange number starts calling me for two weeks between 4:00 a.m.- 6:00 a.m. I rarely answer calls from numbers I am not familiar with, but I started getting really pissed off when this number would call and wake me from my beauty sleep, so I ended up calling the number back. A collections agency was calling me on behalf of Sprint for a charge of $60.
    I told the agency that I am no longer a customer of Sprint and I don't know what they are talking about. They gave me a confirmation number to the account and I called Sprint.
    After waiting on the line for thirty minutes I was put on the line with the most stupid guy I've ever been forced to have a conversation with. I told him my situation and asked what the charges were for. He told me that he was not allowed to access that information. "Then what are you getting paid for???!!!" He hung up on me and I had to call and wait another 30 minutes, hoping to speak with someone a little more competent. When I finally got through, I was given the same excuse telling me that they could not access that information (even though I had confirmed various birthdates, social security numbers etc. to prove that I was the person on the account) I then politely asked to speak to someone of a higher position.
    Told me the same damn thing and was just making guesses as to why they are charging me. I said "how would it make sense if I just came up, knocked on your door, and demanded $60 for no reason, and then threaten you with collectors if you refuse to pay?" He didn't have an answer.
    I then waltz myself to a Sprint location (after my transformation into super[censored]) and practically told two people who worked there how I hate their company, and when he asked for my social security number I replied "I'm not stupid. I will give you the last four digits of my social but only that, because I know that your company is notorious for creating fraudulent accounts by using social security numbers that are not authorized to be used." He then proceeded to remove all charges and gave me a receipt with a confirmation number to give to the collections agency.
    Anyway...then I go home and call the collections agency who informed me that the bill from Sprint would begin affecting my credit as of October 13th. I call Sprint and they told me that for some reason, they cannot send information to the collections agency letting them know that my bill has been taken care of until after 90 days. I don't know what to do and it stresses me out just thinking about it.
    Warning for all users of Sprint, or people who are considering this company for their personal phone service, DON'T DO IT! I payed a $300 cancellation fee, thinking that I wouldn't even be allowed to cancel without paying all final bills, never received another bill from Sprint, but got a rude awakening 2 years later by collections. Even though I won't have to pay for the actual bill it will be affecting my credit. Thanks Sprint, great way to run a business.

  • Va
      31st of Oct, 2008
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    Sprint - amazing lack of respect
    United States

    Wow, after being with sprint for ten (10) years, I think I reached my end. I was going to upgrade my phone to the new instinct, and upgrade my plan to the 99.00 everything. My current contract expires totally 03/09. Currently I have a 2nd phone on this family share plan, free, not the 9.99.

    I called sprint customer retention to inquire as to what would be available for me, and "why I should stay a customer"... The first guy I spoke to was one of the most rudest customer reps (A supv. To boot) , who essentially told me.. " we don't need you, we will offer you nothing, and you will have to pay the diconnect fee on that other line..

    I spoke with his supv, better customer service, lodged a complaint, and he told me that any decision would have to be made higher than him.

    They called me back today (while the supv was friendly) , and said under no circumstances could/would they waive the 200.00 cancellation fee on the second line. I explained that this is a no cost line, I pay nothing for it, and I am looking to upgrade my phone and plan!! He understood, but said they can do nothing..

    10 years, and treated like this.. I told him they left me with 4 mos to rethink my relationship with them, and I didn't see the desire to return.. As of now..

    Amazing, I was going to upgrade, re-contract for 2 years (4 mos early) , and pay for a better plan... Now they are in danger of losing a customer... And they just don't seem to care..

    Funny thing is, even though I have had them for 10 years (Satisfied to a point) I cannot use my phone in my home.. Signals dropped immediately.

    The first idiot wanted to give me (Waive the 99.00) a signal antenna to boost my home signal... Butttt, it would cost 5.00 per month to use it.. ***..

    I laughed at him, and asked simply why would I do that? He had no answer..

    Just wanted to give a heads up on the tteatment of a 10 year loyal customer, whose bills are prepaid, never upgraded hardware, and never lodged any complaints..

    2 years ago, when I was gonna quit, they practically begged me to stay, offered mos incentives, etc... Maybe i'll see what happens come march... But I have a bad taste in my mouth!!

  • Va
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    Sprint - unauthorized mobile charges
    United States

    I have been with Sprint, for many years, how many, well it was called Gencom Corp. then and they did not even have cell phone. I started in California and then in Washington State and then back to California from from 1984--2017. When I stared with them they were very good at there billing and taking care of their customers with the pager system that they had and then into the mobile phone business and then into the cell phone business in both California and in Washington State, BUT WHEN I RETURNED TO CA. now the story begins.

    The first plan that I had was the best plan anyone could want, it had everything and the price was right and then in 2017 things started to go wrong, I started to look more closely at the billing and found charges for additional air time, games, e-mailing and all sorts of thing that I had not used or ordered, most of the time I got them to remove the charges, but sometimes they would not.

    Now in the last two years there have been changes to my plan that were not asked for, plan extensions that were not asked for or ok'ed by me and at one point my 14 year old son was able to access my account and add minutes to his phone and change part of my plan... HOW YOU MIGHT ASK...

    When he called the *2 and requested these changes, he was asked his name his name is the same as mine except I am the III and he is the IV and when he was asked the access code he gave them (FOUR) different codes, Non of them were the right ones so the person on the other end prompted him with information that gave him the code (not the smartness of my son but the Stupidity of the Sprint person.

    Now the only way that I can get bad charges off my billing is to tell them that I am going to another cell phone company NEVER GO TO VERIZON, but if you want good service and fair billing and get what you pay for go to ATT.

    Why do I keep Sprint? to many people have my phone number and it would take me a year or so to notify them all and that is the only reason.

  • La
      22nd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Keeping my number is the only reason I stay with Sprint, but I have heard of some phone companies that will let you keep your old number.

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