Sprintdisappointed customer

My name is Ryan Kummler. This is in regards to my account: phone number [protected]. Last march(2016) I had a second line on my plan which I had cancelled, or so i thought. Turns out whoever I had spoken with had actually put the second line on stand-by instead. Not having looked at my paper statement closely enough for the next six months, I hadn't realized I was paying the additional fee for stand-by. It wasn't apparent to me until after two months of paying for the second line after it had become active again(after the six months of stand-by). I called the Sprint Help Line/Customer Service and was told that i would be reimbursed for the two months that I had paid for the second line, which I had thought I cancelled 8 months prior. Well, that was three months ago. I paid the two bills, knowing that I was being over charged, to keep my phone active. I've called in regards to this at least three separate times; Each phone call having been approximately an hour or so. Will I be reimbursed as I was told? Or was my time spent on the phone fighting to get my money back a complete waste of time? The most recent time I had spoken with a customer representative I was told there was no credit towards the account!!! If someone could conact me, It would be greatly appreciated. I already feel as though I have put more time and money into this than was neccessary, and somehow the problem has yet to be corrected.

Feb 04, 2017

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