Sprintcell phone service

So I have been with Sprint now for a year and a half. I was lied to right after the 2nd month I got 4 phone's I was told what it would all cost every month and that the bill would say the same well I was paying $180 dollers a month witch I was told it would be $180 dollers a month well after that I was paying $250 dollers a month so I call customer service and they didn't help me or answer my questions. So time goes by well the bill went up again to $300 dollers I called again and they said because the phone plan went up well no one called us and told us about that I asked if they could fix it and they told me no and I just had to deal with it or go to a different phone company! So time goes on and now my bill is $394 dollers a month and that's [censored] that's more then my brand new car payment so yeah I'll super pissed off and upset your company likes to rip us customers off this is wrong is so may ways. Its hard to afford this who the hell pays almost $400 dollers a month. Once are phones are paid off we will be going to a way better phone company!!!

Jul 24, 2018

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