Sprint / billing and customer service

My name is Jade Colon.
3 weeks ago I paid my phone bill at a sprint location on West Vernor and Livernois in Detroit, MI.
The problem is I paid it, my bill, with a prepaid Visa card I purchased from a local CVS. While I was in the store I was serviced and told that my bill was paid in full. And as a result of payment and the card no longer being of any use. The customer rep shredded the card.
Now I'm being told my bill was only partially paid.
I have 3 phones on my family plan.
And it's telling me I owe $67.13
I want this matter to be resolved. Either with my bill being paid in full once more ( BECAUSE I REFUSE TO PAY THE SAME BILLING CYCLE TWICE) or to be refunded my money and to LEAVE SPRINT.
I have had entirely too many issues in my short time with this service and I want my problems amended.
She. I tried to call customer service I was hung up on four separate times.

Aug 21, 2018

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