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I hate spirit airlines. First of all this company is not straightforward about all the fees that need to be paid. The reason there tickets typically are cheaper is because they nickel and dime on baggage, seating, insurance, and various other small fees. I booked a international flight for My wife and I roundtrip for about $1500 bucks. Of course Spirit shows up to be the cheapest and I was a firt time customer so I thought I would give them a try. Immediately, I am disatisfied with there online booking system. Traditionally you would make your selections for a flight then be presented with a grand total for purchase. I wasn't aware my card was being charged as I made the selections. Well as I was proceeding I began to realize that this airline was adding on charges that would exceed the normal cost of this ticket. So I decided to cancel the reservation ( mind you I haven't recieved any confirmation of purchase). I was in the middle of making selections that's when I decided to call customer "No Service". This was all within a time frame of 10 mins. When I called I asked them to make sure they removed my credit card information from their system as I no longer wanted the tickets. They proceeded to tell me that my card had already been charged $1500. I FLIPPED OUT and asked how is that possible when I haven't even made a selection for seating, bagging or anything else nor at that time had I recieved any confirmation for anything. After arguing with the rep whom only quoted the terms and conditions policy I asked to speak to a manager. I asked for the tickets to be canceled. He proceeded to tell me the tickets were non-refundable and they can only apply credit to future purchases. He also mention a cancelation fee which was more than the online website specified. We argued about that as well he did at least say he could waive the cancellation fee but couldn't reverse the charges. At this time I am so boiling hot my vision starts to blurr... I asked how can I be charge for something I haven't made confirmation on. He tells me that Spirit charges the card as you make selections. I told him I was not aware of this and have not recieved any confirmations of such. He asks me to wait and comes back and tells me he has my confirmations numbers which at the time hadn't even appeared on my computer or email... I then said some expletives that I won't repeat here then told this Manager I will never do business with their airline again. He then told me this call was going no where and then he hung up on me. I called back and spoke to a rep whom had a little more common sense and he provided with the coperate address for complaints and what not and soon they shall be recieving a most expressive letter from me... DO Not Fly SPIRIT AIRLINES!!!

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  • Ja
      Apr 02, 2013

    They are the worse airline in the world would rather drive 5 hours than fly spirit airlines

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  • Ja
      Apr 02, 2013

    there prices are hidden for baggage fees flew from Houston to Vegas with no fees coming back charged us 100 at the gate for carry on bag that Houston did not BS

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  • Th
      Oct 05, 2013

    This airline was aweful! To keep it short, here are all the reasons why: They cancel flights without notice, hire very young kids to work with immature attitudes, 3 1/2 hour delays, many people just sleeping in airports with the promises to take them on the next flight (which never happened), no free sodas on the plane, every thing will cost you...carry ons', (100.00!), super young pilots (good luck with that), snotty ticket agents (who can't speak the English language well over the announcements), the seats are super-super close, every passenger's knees will be against your seat, and making you pass your destinations for connecting flights for unknown reasons. After spending 5 hours in the airport, I got to hear the stories of the passengers. Aweful! Suggestion: pay the extra $300.00. You will be home quicker without having to wait hours and hours at the airport!

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  • Sh
      Mar 20, 2014

    Sunday, 3-16-14; Spirit Airlines, Atlantic City Airport: Susan's her name, harassing seniors is her game! This flight was very stressful due to rude, controlling, abusive check-in lady, Susan. We had to get a boarding pass for Dave. Susan at check-in eyed our backpack and barked... that bag is not flying on "MY PLANE". I foolishly asked why. Susan argued even though the bag fit in Spirit's 'must fit this box to fly' it didn't fit Susan's expectations. Dave had the backpack all inside the luggage box, said to Susan, "See? It fits." Susan retorted, "I don't care if it fits, it's not flying on MY PLANE!" Susan refused to measure the bag, she said she was following guidelines for the FAA (now when did 'eyeing a bag' become an FAA guideline) We left check-in with our boarding passes to discuss what to do. It was a brand new backpack, flew from Tampa, FL to AC, NJ, no problems with the bag on that leg of the flight! Susan advised we pay $50 for the little guy to fly...helloooooo Susan it's a backpack, didn't even cost $50. As we walked to our gate knowing we were going to have to toss the backpack, I was walking first... my son walking behind me said something and I turned to answer him to see a smirking Susan, hair flying in the breeze, almost breaking into a trot and yep headed right to us. I told the kids not to turn around, but advised them Susan was on our heels. My daughter-in-law said, it's because of that bag, she's not letting this go, we have to throw it away. I agreed. Susan walked along side of me, looked at me smirking, then jumped in front of me, turned around to face me, walking backwards she spat, you shoulda paid the $50 downstairs, now you're gonna pay me $100 to fly that bag...I'm working the boarding gate, and that bag is not flying on MY PLANE! Susan you raving looney tune, I'm 70 years old, my balance isn't the best anymore, you could have made me fall, but being as vain and controlling, and apparently have job security, you apparently don't care if an old lady falls. Didn't know jumping in front of a senior to harass them was a Spirit Airline guideline. Susan left, went behind her desk. A young man came to assist and she pointed me out to him. He looked up til he found me, we locked eyes, he quickly bent his head down and obediently shook his head to Susan, yes, he'd seen me. My d-i-l became very upset. We wondered what would Susan do next to intimidate us or worse, keep us/me from flying home. I would fire this woman in a heartbeat! She lacks proficient skills to do an efficient job for Spirit. Susan uses her position to intimidate, it's personal for Susan. In my stress I took off my pullover, popped an expensive earring out and lost it. I didn't notice it til I was off the plane, a beautiful gift from my kids. I forgot my iPad cord in the zippered backpack pouch and a camera charger. Dave had to change into his heavy jeans so we had room in our new tote for his shorts, a grey plastic bag. Add degrading to our flight experience with Susan/Spirit. We tossed the backpack. I watched as bag after bag went by larger than mine. C'mon you know no one is paying extra to fly those! Even the tote bag I was carrying was larger than the backpack, oh did I tell you the backpack was not mine, but all tart communication was guided to me, not Dave. We decided to let Dave take the tote bag, put 5 people in between us to make sure Susan let Dave on, she didn't even glance at the heavy overstuffed tote he was carrying. Five people went ahead of me, then me. I held my breath, said not one word, Susan couldn't even look at me, but developed that "I won!" smirk when she saw the plastic luggage I was carrying, DINGed my boarding pass, cut it, gave me my stub and mumbled very very softly, " all this done without looking at me once, and muttered...thank you..." Dave was waiting on the other side of the boarding deck just in case Susan decided my eye color was wrong and kept me. My kids were behind me. I heard DING DING, good 2 more boarding and it was my kids. We were free! Susan had had her fun with the old lady, something to laugh about later in the evening I'm sure. Spirit shame on you for employing such a poorly qualified, non people person. I write this blurb knowing nothing will be done, but Susan is the type of anti-social personality who cannot control herself, she will go after someone else, and maybe that person will be able to complain and get results. To boot, my son is a Spirit member! What a horrible experience. The earring loss really hurt me.

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