Spirit Airline / fees

United States

I purchased tickets thru Priceline and failed to review Spirit Airlines web page. DTW to LAS rountrip and my journey began after my online purchase. 1) The following week they cancelled my flight and rescheduled my departure by 4 hrs. I contacted customer service and spoke to someone from India who was very difficult to understand. After complaining about the change for over 20 minutes he finally gave my wife and I assigned seats. 2) Baggage: this airline charges for carry-ons that are placed in the overhead bins. Checked bags cost almost the same. The free carry-ons have to be placed under the seat. All checked baggage has a wt. limit of 40 lbs while most airlines have it at 50lbs. If you exceed 1lbs over it will cost an additional $25 each leg. 3) I pre-paid for one checked bag. When we arrived at the airport I was sent to a Kiosk to print ticket just to go back to an attendant to check the bag in. I was told they could print the ticket but it would be an additional $5. 4) Once I finally got to board the aircraft I found out how tight coach is. I'm 5' 10" and my knees were pushing in the back of the next seat. I had to spread my knees to the outside of the seat and they were still pushing on the magazine holder. All drinks and snacks cost with credit card no cash allowed.
Avoid this airline at all cost, once you pay for all the extras this airline is similar in cost with major carriers. I tried to find a customer complaint department in th US and it was unsuccessful. This company hates the customer and only wants to make a buck by hauling a cattle car.

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