SpicejetDelay of 2 hours+, not working ac for 2.5 hours, luggage misplaced

I have travel through Spice Jet from Dubai to Ahmedabad, via SG 16 flight - dated 8-Dec-16 (schedule departure 10.45 pm) Confirmation number A9ETXG, Pax 3 (including infant)

After boarding the flight and 10 minutes after scheduled time of departure, we got intimated for delay in flight for 15 to 20 minutes for some technical and Air condition (AC) issue. There was no announcement for next 45 minutes for delay. After that it was intimated for some 30 minutes delayed and there on no intimation from crew side for next 1.5 hour. After more than 2 hours and 10/15 minutes we were informed to get back to our seats. At that time we had informed to crew that some of our luggage is still on ground. However, there was no serious response from crew. Flight started but next 15 minutes it was on fan only and no AC. For 2.5 hours AC was not working and flight was full.

It was mid night (1 am) but inside lights were completely ON for next 2-3 hours and that did not allowed us to take rest. When we had informed crew to deemed the lights to allow infant to sleep, they informed that once they will finish with food selling, they will do so. This food packet selling was continued throughout the flight.

Flight landed at Ahmedabad on 5.30 am and we rushed to collect our baggage. Out of 4 check in baggages, I got my two small bags and two big bags were still pending. Even after nothing on belt we waited for next load of luggage to come on belt. There was no announcement for missing luggage that they intentionally left at Airport. Neither announcement was made during the flight nor at Ahmedabad Airport for missing luggage.

After waiting for 15 minutes, we realised that our baggages (including other passengers) were left at Dubai Airport. We were not clearly informed about when we will get our bags. We made complaint and submitted that took another hour due to crowd rush and checking. I left Ahmedabad airport around 7.15 am without my main baggages.

There was no immediate compensation provided to us buy necessary stuff.

Instead of going to hospital (the purpose I came down to Ahmedabad), I had to arrange first our normal require things on hand (we had infant with us). Whole priorities were changed. It was extremely painful to manage those stuff with demonetization in India.

We got our remaining bags at 8 pm on 10 Dec 2016.

I do understand and anticipate such scenario comes up but the way it was managed was surprising:

- there was no announcement at schedule departure time;
- after announcement of commitment time, there were no further announcement/ update;
- there was no refreshment when delayed was more than 2 hours;
- AC was not working and were at Dubai Airport for 2.5 hours, why plane was not deboarded (considering old people and infants were on board);
- Being passenger we have informed about luggage on airport (we have seen), no response from crew side;
- Lights were fully ON during the whole flight duration to sell food packets. How infant or anyone can sleep in such atmosphere?;
- At Ahmedabad airport, there was no announcement for missing luggage;
- No immediate compensation was provided to us to buy immediate stuff;
- Staff was not commenting on when will receive our luggage.

I paid such heavy price for one way ticket to support and to be with my family at earliest. However, due to this I was not only delayed but disappointed with the way it was managed.

I have sent an email to Spice Jet customer relation but they are not ready to accept the fact that flight was delayed for more than 2 hours where I have furnished online records of flight status to them as well. I have sent another email to next level of authority - appellate authority in Spice Jet but with surprise there is not single reply from them.

This is pathetic where the highest authority did not bother to acknowledge or reply email.

Looking for action against such airlines and such customer relationship.

Kaumil Shah
Dubai. UAE

Mar 13, 2017

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