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So after looking through hundreds of sites for a calling card, I decided on Bad idea.
My calling card was completely unusable. The call quality made it utterly impossible to talk.
I know that they don't make the cards that they sell, but there's absolutely no excuse for selling such useless products. And everything they sell is nonrefundable, so you're completely out of luck unless you take the time to read the company's big list of disclaimers before hand.

They ignored every attempt I made at asking for a refund or a change of card, from one that I couldn't even use one minute of. Now I have hundreds of useless minutes remaining.

Maybe actually have some decent products on their site, but don't even bother with the ones that seem a good deal. You won't have a second chance to change to a better card. They'll give you no warning that the product is UNUSABLE.

If you're looking to buy a pin calling card, make sure it's at least from an honest company by checking if there are complaints on this site. Don't make the same mistake I did.

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      Jun 04, 2010

    After reading all the great reviews about this company, I have decided to try one of theirs phone cards. I have picked a card with 104 minutes and it was the worse service ever. At first, my phone call couldn't be connected and after 3 attempts I have lost about 45 cents for nothing. Later I called customer service but they refused to help, refund money or explain the reason why my calls didn't go through. Eventually I was able to get connected and got to talk some 34min with a poor call quality, and that was all my 104 minutes. Don't be tempted by low rates because you will never get them. Even thou their BBB rating is A+, they had about 100 complains, which is a big number of consumers. Please stay stay from this company.

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