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Today (3-20-18) at approx. 3:30 p.m., I was making a $75.00 purchase only to be confronted with a rude and out-of-line assistant manager, Amy. I gave her a 5.00 lottery payout that apparently was given to me by mistake. She obviously enjoyed informing me I could not use it. She said then that she was going to "get to the bottom of who made the mistake". It appeared that she was relishing the opportunity to give the employee a hard time. I said there was no need to get someone in trouble over an accidental mistake. When I tried to take the payout receipt back (sparing the employee grief), she refused to give it back. I then left the store without making the purchase due to her behavior. After doing an errand, I realized that I had not gotten her name or who to register a complaint with so I returned to Speedway (3300 N Granville Ave., Muncie, IN). Amy gave me her first name and tried to make me think that there was no one I could talk to. She finally gave me the first name Kyle (manager?) but refused to give me a phone number and told me to get out of "her store" before she called the police. I have spent approx. $200.00-300.00 monthly for 15 years at Speedway and never dealt with such a rude, threatening and out-of-line employee. Quite the opposite, employees at Speedway have been pleasant over my years of loyalty to the store. My name is Terry Hoskins (1604 N Granville Ave., Muncie, IN 47303). Unfortunately, I now feel I need to take my business elsewhere. Hopefully, this information will be helpful. Thank you. Terry

Mar 20, 2018

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