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I have been going to the Speedway's all over the state and other states, as I travel for a living. I don't understand why corporate is making all of the Speedway's not make all but two lousy pots of coffee. I work third shift, like many others and I like the Gourmet Roast, but everytime I go in to one of your stores, you only have Decaf or one pot of House Blend. I have asked many times, and have made my own coffee before, since the employees said that it was coming from corporate and that their customers aren't too happy. I have to then wait or make my own coffee. What is the deal? People all over work third shift too, not just in the morning...very disappointed.

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      Jul 25, 2011

    Yes, because you want coffee all speedways across the sate and region should have coffee at night. Perhaps management looked at the big picture and realized they were throwing away more coffee than selling.

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  • Sp
      Dec 07, 2011

    I am an employee at speedway and we are highly miss treated. Things that i have gotten written up for are drive offs and customers staying there too long. One more write up and i am fired. I am repeatedly being threatened by my management saying i will be fired if i: don't wear a belt with pants that fit, if i have one more drive off and much more. I have seen employees come in that had to be picked up because they had a night of alcohol. But don't worry they weren't fired because they were buddy buddy with the manager. A friend of mine got screwed by speedway because they fired her and lied so they didn't have to give her unemployment. I am tired of being treated unfairly.

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  • Ri
      Jun 10, 2013

    The new coffee cups are very fragile!! I have had several cups completely collapse, and have had hot coffee spill on me, my car, and my carpet. These cups are unable to maintain their integrity, and are a hazard. They could cause an accident due to their poor construction. I realize that they are less expensive for the company, but they truly are a nuisance. I'm sure that I am not the first to bring this issue to light. I'm sure I would not be the only one to appreciate a more suitable cup for our coffee!

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