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Cape Town, ZA

I have been sitting on hold with your pre-authorizations department for 3 days now and no one ever answers the phone. I've tried calling [protected] as well as [protected] with the same result. After this futile attempt at reaching your establishment; I'm now resorting to email so I can have my attempts at sorting this situation out documented for legal purposes - if it ends up that this matter goes to court. (my phone bill will also prove how long I've sat on these calls as I get itemized billing)

I'm contacting you on behalf of my mom-in-law Mrs MH Parten (membership number: [protected]).

On 20/02/2017 I phoned pre-authorization to obtain authorization number for my mom in law to have cataract operation on her eyes. The first procedure was for 22/02/2017 (left eye) and the second on the 15/03/2017 (right eye).
It seems now that your department made an error with the procedure date and have it as the 21/02/2017 - which has now resulted in the medical aid not wanting to pay for the procedure as they claim we did not have authorization. This needs to be rectified! I phoned myself and supplied the correct date; your staff need to ensure that they capture the correct information!

Please can you make the necessary corrections and let me know as soon as it's done?? As I then have to contact your accounts department who need to make some corrections on their side as well.
unfortunately this will now allow me to attach the document which as all the information on it; but I've sent it to 3 email addresses at Spectramed in the hopes of receiving as response.

Please please please can you assist??
Thank you
Lindie du Preez

Mar 28, 2017

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