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My two youngest children were booked in for eye appointments today, due to school traffic I was 10 mins late so they could only see one of them which I I understand. My son whom they were about to see has been under a specialist at the Hospital for his eyes since he was small & has also undergone eye surgery. He understandably became nervous as the lady asked him to look into the machinery for measurements & wouldn't do it, he hid behind me instead. I asked if she could explain how the machine worked so he'd know what to expect, she replied that 'it measures your eyes' I said yes but how does it do that? The optician then arrived with the lady & saw my sons reluctance, I explained the situation & that he'd only ever been seen in hospital for his eye checks & was nervous here. I explained that he'd been discharged from hospital & that this was his first visit. They had no time for him what so ever, the optician just said to rebook for the weekend so he wasn't having the appointment straight from school, which I think is irrelevant anyway then she suggested that I took him back to the hospital if he wouldn't been seen there! That was without even trying to talk to him to help ease his fears etc. It was like a 60 second exchange of words & we were out the door again. We waited weeks for this after school appointment. I am so dissapointed with this service, I have been using specsavers for years & felt they've always had time for their patients but it's seems that the ones who needs the most don't get any. They basically don't want to have to deal with the issue so are suggesting we go elsewhere. I am deciding whether or not to remove myself & my entire family from there & go to different opticians altogether. It's not fair that my son is not able to receive the same care & treatment simply because he is afraid. I would like our opticians to respond to this complaint and offer a better service. If this cannot be done then my decision will be to leave after many years as a patient there.

Nov 09, 2016

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