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Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth, Wales, Dyfed, United Kingdom

I am sorry to say that I need to put in a complaint regarding the Aberystwth branch of Specsavers.

I initially had a contact lense appointment in December 2012 for which a pair of trial lenses had been ordered for me to put in an hour prior to this appointment.
I picked these lenses up, (although I was told she shouldn't really give them to me because it was about 3 hours till my appointment) and then later on in the day I attended the appointment.

A different woman (this one was lovely, no problems) then took me into the exam room and when she realized that I was wearing a pair of lenses that I didn't want (I always buy the ones you wear all month) she said would order me a trial pair of the other ones and just to wear these ones until the new ones arrived so that I could be signed off on the ones I wanted to buy (fair enough).

So a couple of days later I got a phone call saying my contact lenses were ready for collection. When I went into the store to the pick them up I dealt with a man I hadn't seen before who simply fetched my lenses, handed them to me and resumed talking to his colleagues.
I presumed then it was not necessary to book my next appointment as no communication seems required of me. Therefore I would wait for another phone call or a letter informing me of the time scale in which I was to return.

It was in January that I thought it was strange that I had heard nothing (it would have been sooner, but exams are stressful and all consuming) so I phoned up my branch and asked when I was due to be seen next.
I was told rather bluntly that I was already overdue and a note had been put on my account to book an appointment when I picked up my last lenses.
I can not see my account and yet she still spoke me like it was my fault.

Anyway, she agreed to book me another appointment but it would take a while because the books were pretty full. So I settled on the 15th February and I was told another pair of trial lenses would be ordered for me and were to be picked up an hour prior to the appointment as before.

Now on Wednesday 13th I walked into the store to cancel my appointment (I had a funeral to attend in my home town and would be unable to do both) and I was greeted with "Here to pick up your lenses" (which is odd since it was 2 days till my appointment and I'd been told before that I couldn't have them earlier) to which my answer was obviously "No, I need to change my appointment".
The woman was fine on this occasion, she changed my appointment to the 19th February and again reminded me that I would need to pick up my lenses an hour before, to the point where on my appointment card it says "1.30/2.40" one time to pick up lenses and one for the appointment as she told me then.

So today, which is the 19th Febuary, I walked into Specsavers at 1.30pm and was greeted with "You've already picked up your lenses" to which I probably looked extremely baffled, since I hadn't. On adamantly assuring her that I hadn't she went out to the back to have another look.
She then returned with a plastic folder containing 2 contact lenses and some notes and proceeded to tell me that I must have picked them up last Wednesday when I changed my appointment.
When I told her that didn't even make sense because she was the one who told me to turn up at both times and even wrote it down for me, she refused even to listen. She continued to argue with me and refusing to listen until I eventually gave up and walked out.

The logic behind her argument was so ridiculous and to be told I'm wrong so decisively was not only incorrect but also very insulting.
But her own saying in the past, contact lenses were only to be picked up an hour prior to the appointment.
When I told her the last lenses I got where over a month old and needed to be thrown away, she just said "yes" and continued on some illegible tangent.

The service now from this one individual has been erratic and rude and a very poor representation of Specsavers.

Not only do I now not have any current lenses but I can't be signed off any and even order them from another Specsavers store.

Feb 19, 2013

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