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On the 13th of August 2016 I took my 4 year old son to have his eyes tested the optician was who tested his eyes was good. She advised that he needed glasses as soon as possible, so she took us down stairs and showed us what glasses were available we then got passed over to a male assistant who didn't give us much choice in children's glasses. We then were taken over to his desk where he measured my sons face for the glasses, as his lenses are very thick I got told they would have to be thinned down otherwise they would be to heavy for his face. The only option I was given was to pay £90 per pair of glasses I was not offered anything else like the buy one get one free or the different prices of lenses £40 £60 or £90 pairs. I reluctantly paid the £90 which I could not afford as I am on income support, we went away dissatisfied and thought about it and went back the following day and spoke to a lady this time to question why we had to pay £90 a pair for the lens to be thinned as it was not an option as the lens had to be thinned because of the prescription he needed, we were told that if he did not have the lens thinned down his eye lashes would be touching the lens and this was there standard change and the only other option was to have the standard thick lens which we were told would be to heavy for his face and we then argued that they would not be for purpose and he would be unable to wear them therefore we had to pay the £90 per pair. We went back into the store to pick his glasses up on the 27th of August we saw the same man again who gave my son his glasses and adjusted the arms around his ears and left it at that. We went back to the store two to three weeks later to have my sons nose pads looked at as they were digging into his nose and leave bad red marks and dents on the sides on his nose, the lady we saw looked at his glasses and she changed his nose pads to adult ones as she thought they would be more comfortable for him, we then asked her about the prices of the lenses and she said that £90 was the cheapest price for thinning they done so once again we walked away dissatisfied. 6 weeks later we went back to the store to get my sons glasses readjusted as they were hurting him and were wonky so we saw a young man who was really helpful he completely reshaped the frame and changed the nose pads to more comfortable ones he even cleaned the glasses for us hues was the only person who took the time to make sure the glasses fitted properly and my son was happy and comfortable wearing them he spent about 15 minutes reshaping them to fit properly he then made sure that I was happy with what he had done. Yesterday I went into a different Specsavers with a friend who was picking up her glasses and we got talking about my son and his glasses and she said I should have been offered the buy one get one free and the different price ranges for the thinning of the lenses, she also said that I would be able to get a refund because of the way we was treated throughout the process and not offered any other option. I was also told I would be able to get his prescription so I can move store as I am appalled with the way we have been treated in this store and really do not want to return there. My son is only 4 years old hues cannot be without his glasses as his eye site is so bad and it is a necessity that he has his glasses thinned as standard lenses are unfit for purpose I just feel that I was not given any choice about what happened to my sons glasses and it was either pay the £90 or have no glasses so I had no option other then to pay the money. So therefore I would like to no if it is possible to get a refund on the glasses, I would like an apology from the St. Albans store for the treatment we have received and I would like to have my sons prescription so I can take him to a different store where we will get better treatment.

Dec 03, 2016

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