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Sparkletts Water / Fraud

1 United States

My wife and I have been trying to cancel our delivery service with Sparkletts Water since early June. We were given inaccurate information on how to accomplish this, been argued with and screamed at. Finally we were able to send them a certified letter in the first part of July and told we would be billed our usual $57.00 on July 13, 2010 and then they would pick up their stuff from our house on August 13th.

Sounds fair! BUT, then they debited our account AGAIN for another $57.00. We called, pleaded, argued (my wife even broke into tears as a result of their total lack of concern). They took money from us that was in no way theirs to take. Yet we were told they could not simply reverse the transaction and refund the money to our bank account - "policy, you know". When we finally received our refund to our account, it was short $2.00. They said that was a water surcharge.

Why would there be a surcharge when we received nothing from them to 'surcharge' us for???

We still have not received our "$2.00 surcharge", yet we have now been charged another $57.00 for our September water service.

The contract says to "give a thirty-day notice by way of certified letter". We did! And now we have paid for two more months of service of which we have not even received. As of August 13th, all our bottles and other equipment had been picked up by the Sparkletts delivery man.

They have shown totally disdain and any lack of desire to do the right thing. They have talked down to my wife REPEATEDLY in a most condescending manner.

Since being switched to Sparkletts (they bought out our previous water delivery service) we have had nothing but problems. We have been forced to monitor every bill each month as a result of their inability to charge us the correct price and/or inability to leave the correct product at our door, if they left a product at all.

We finally cancelled our service as we do not work for Sparkletts and are sick and tired of the responsibility to monitor their lack of work ethics and honesty.

July should have been the final month for them to charge us for anything. Yet, they have debited another payment from our bank account in August and September. We do not know what we can do at this point except maybe cancel our bank account so they won't have access to it in the future.

We have been promised a resolution to this difficult so many times, yet have seen NOTHING!.

I will now go on a campaign to smear and damage their business in any manner I can find. We have been lied to, charged monies contrary to the contract, screamed at by Tina, shorted on our deliveries and are still being charged for a service we are not even getting.


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