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To whom it may concern
Bloemhof residence conerned group:
On 11 january 2019 a notice of meeting was put out to clean the town. This meeting took place thursday 19 january 2019 at 19:00. Several people attended the meeting including some businesses but spar which was identified as one of the main poluters in town did not attend.
The angling resort "die hoek" then asked me to contact spar. As the owner was not in the store I met with his son and the next day I stopped the owner in the street and told him about the problem of refuge and plastic wrappery materials blowing all over the entrance of the resort which is 300m from the river side. They blamed the street children and manisipality for this.
My wife then posted pictures (on facebook) of the refuge blowing to the riverside. The owners wife responded to it by saying it is the street children.
Then I posted rhe complaint to spar and the regional manager then contacted me. The owner of the spar then contacted me by phone (which I recorded) telling me that I have time on my hands and that I must come and pick up the trash. The fact is I am staying next to the river for 3 years now and residence of die "die hoek" cleaned up spars refuge because this lands in the river and this eventually kills fish/wildlife alond the riverside.
We as residence are concerned about the welfare of the river as we recieve income from tourism.
The world fresh water angli g championships (22 countries around the world) are presently staying at "die hoek" and bloemhof.
A meeting was set up by spars regional manager for wednesday 6 february 2019 at 10 o clock in the owners office. The owner did not pitch up.
Since then I have taken new fotos of spars refuge on the 8th of february at 6:30 am and it shows that the problem has not been resolved.
Wrotten food in plastic bags outside of the store. All of the homeless children are eating that food and what if one of them got ill who would be held accountable?
1. I would appreciate it if spar could send me their refuge holding policy as wel as the environmental policy.
2. Also I would like spar to set up a meeting me, the owner of bloemhof spar and spar management

Feb 10, 2019

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