Sparhygiene and bad attitude

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On wednesday the 9 th of Sept I went to Witfield Spar.I wanted to order what appeared to be chicken curry but was infomed by the lady behind the counter that it was old. I settled for pasta instead.She handed it to me and I asked for a plastic fork. When she handed it to me i noticed she held the fork on the front part and wasnt wearing gloves. I went to the chef and brought to his attention that his staff arent wearing clear plastic gloves. He was quite arrogant in his response and said what do you expect they serve cold food. I mentioned that when they hand you the plastic cutlerry their hands are all over it and thats not very hygenic. He mumbled something and walked off.On the way to the till I saw a samoesa stand with no one manning it and assumed it was self service, placed two in a packet and went to pay.The lady at the till said she didnt know the price and didnt look very keen on fiding out.After a while I said if she wasnt able to speed things up I will have to leave.I got a blank stare. I asked her if she would just let me leave wtihout purchasing anything and the answer was yes. I subsequently walked out emty handed.

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  • Ma
      Jun 27, 2012

    I went to Spar the other day and there was a BUG in the mash not only that we bought small burgers in a plastic container and the took the old price of wrapped it with glad wrap with a new price. Obviously they changed the expiry date... before this day I saw them changing the labels on the fresh baked foods... We bought cake there a few times and every time its very dry and it tastes like soap. This spar is very bad also not very hygienic its dirty as well and someone seriously need to take it up with them my gran have complained to them before but nothing happened my mom also complained with no luck. They have a no care attitude.

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  • Da
      May 23, 2017

    I agree. Spar as a company don't care. The attitude is "we have our market share" so [censored] therest. They just need to remember, a lot of businesses go bust because the relax. They think they can do it alone. I have news for you. You need satisfied customers to survive. Do they even care? I don't think so.

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