Southern California Edison Company [SCE] / utilities

Visalia, CA, United States

I've been living in my home for a year and a half. I've kept my bill up to date and when necessary I've asked for an extension and have been meeting my due dates. In April I received a bill in the amount of $3, 700 that is not my bill. I immediately contacted Edison to let them know that they have made a mistake on my bill. They asked me to provide proof that I did not live at this previous address. It said that this bill is from my last address which was not my address. My account number is [protected] I do not feel like I should be providing my information to the company. If I lived at this address and this is my bill please provide proof or take this off of my "current" bill. I am currently on unemployment and cannot afford to pay for something that is not mine. Especially something that is of this amount. I've kept up with my bill please remove this amount from my account. I keep asking the Customer Service Reps to remove this or send me to someone who can figure this out. All they have been doing is pushing my time to another date. This is not helpful I need this removed since it's not mine.

May 19, 2017

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