South African Airways / / a ticket that has been blocked

United States

Hi Team,

Find below tickets issued with South African Airways,

083-[protected] FOR ADE/MAXCELINE Mambo

083-[protected] FOR CHI AWAH/Daniel

083-[protected] FOR JUSCAL/MBEWO NYANI

083-[protected] FOR ASSI GERALD/SAMA.

On these tickets, some of the coupons had the Avianca Flights. Avianca did modify these ticket of which they hadn't no right to.

We would like your company to address the issue to Avianca to open the status of the above tickets to enable any modifications to be done because these passengers are going on training.

Sir, we have contacted Avianca and they say South African airways should write to them, please these passengers are on our neck.

We shall be grateful if this can be resolved as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Thompson M.

Hi Team,

Find attached four tickets issued with the validating carrier SA, of which Avianca is among the Airlines.

Our passengers had an issue and were unable to travel on the 24july18, in the course of repositioning

their tickets, we noticed Avianca touched the files and new tickets numbers attributed to the passengers as below:





We can't work on these files because a portion on these tickets have been touched by your company, I know you are verse with

what am saying since you are professionals.

Please, can you kindly revert the status on these tickets to OPEN to enable us work on them.These passengers are going to South America for their professional courses.

Thanks for your prompt reply,

Thompson M.

South African Airways /

Jul 02, 2018

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