South African Airwaysextortion by saa manager

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My family and I fllew out to Mauritius and were booked with our travel agent a return flight via South African Airways. We get to Mauritius Airport on the 15th Dec 2014, where we are issused our three boarding passes. The boarding passes are for business class. Our bangs get handed in when the SAA manager Mr Vyaporee stops the process and decides to tear up our boarding passes. His explanation "how is it possible that you can arrive via economy and depart via business class." He refused for my family and I to board. Forcing me to go and buy new tickets which cost 18 thousand rand so that we could return to South Africa. Is South African Airways so cash strapped that they forcing passenger to pay double for flights. That was blatant extortion. I have being trying since my return to get an answer from South African Airways without any success. I seriously warn passengers to reconsider flying South African Airways.

Feb 06, 2015
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  • An
      Jun 15, 2010
    South African Airways - Lost my luggage twice
    South African Airways
    United States

    South african lost my luggage twice and would not pay my claim. I was forced to file a lawsuit and got a judgement but they still have not paid me.

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  • Sb
      Jan 22, 2012
    South African Airways - Theft of items out of locked luggage
    South African Airways
    South Africa

    Today (22/01/2012) on flight SA551 from Johannesburg to Durban my privacy was violated when very personal ans sentimental items ws stolen frm my locked luggage. My bags were locked with cable ties. I am so dissapointed as this is the second time this has happend! And SAA just does nothing about this!

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  • 20
      Jun 21, 2012
    South African Airways - misleading pricing
    South African Airways
    South Africa

    When you go into their website to make a reservation you get given a price for the flight/s, however when you enter to book the price changes and you are actually charged more than the quote you were given previously

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  • Up
      Aug 31, 2012
    South African Airways - Baggage weight increase?
    United States

    I have heard so may stories about booking your bags straight through to South Africa, and once there their weights have increased. How is that even possible? Corruption by Airline workers? I think that this would make a great story for Canadian news.

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  • Yu
      Aug 05, 2013
    South African Airways - Crew
    South African airways
    Hong Kong

    i am feeling upset about the service provided by Linda Richards-Qokweni (Crew :SBL772P) . I want to make a complaint about her attitude. She is a rude and impoolite crew i never seem before.
    For more details, please feel free to contact me. E-mail: [protected]

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