South African Airways / no liability for missing goods

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my checked baggage was damaged and part of its content- documents, travel guides, photographs, logbook, brochures, elctronics-stolen; yet the company takes no responsibility for the damage or theft, claiming that I should have considered my backpack as CARRY ON baggage. In fact, that was what I wanted it to be, but the clerk at Jo-burgcheck-in desk refused to let me carry it with me. Therefore, I believe the company is directly to blame for the loss; however, after thousands of phone calls and e-mails without reply, and 4 months after the theft took place, they sent me a quick simple note saying the process will be closed because SA does not liability for such goods. Irreplaceable, priceless things which I had collected throughout my stay in South Africa vanished overnight and they did not even consider a compensation for the grief such loss entails!!!

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  • Er
      Aug 17, 2011

    I have experienced a very similar situation though in my case I was forced to have my hand luggage checked in when boarding the plane. This happened on a Lusaka - joburg flight. I thought that I had removed all valuables from the hand luggage but in the rush forgot a digital camera. This of course had disappeared when I collected the luggage at OT airport. I have filed a complaint but no formal answer to that yet. The SAA customer office in London has however responded to the query I lodged with them by e-mail but unfortunately they have given me the traditional answer of non liability. I still hold SAA responsible as the Cabin Head knowing about the theft problems should never have compelled me to check my hand luggage. Worse, overhead space was available on the plane! I intend to follow- up again with SAA but with little hope of any gesture from them. 18 August 2011

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