SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / worst customer service / poor coordination among agents/delayed delivery

I had ordered for 6 products through [white Friday sale], which has led to a nightmare.

I received 5 of my products from the re's al Thor collection point on 05.12.2016 I.e. as per my request where i was confirmed on all 6 products being ready to be collected when i called them up.

However, i requested the Ras Al Khor collection point to deliver the missing item to the Karama center collection point as the same is more convenient where i was told call up souq and they shall do the needful.

Hence, i rang up and asked for the same just as i left where was offered a free delivery to my office location to which i accepted.
Though on not hearing from them i followed up on the 07.12.2016 to my surprise being told its ready for collection at the Ras Al Khor point i stated to them the offer given to which i agreed the agent said let me check and confirmed oh yes! it is stated and shall be delivered to you tomorrow i.e. 08.12.2016. On not receiving the product until afternoon i called back to get the same response its ready for collection, where i repeated myself over agian and the agent Miray did not want to understand the situation and was going on repeating her to have it collected and indirectly blaming me for not undertsanding when requested to be connected to the manager i was given excuses.
After a while i ring up again to speak to Eshtakab [i assume] who again did not will to understand and mentioned to me any such offer by their agent is not mentioned under my shipment, though accepted to transfer to the manager though hanged up the call.

Eventually i have not received my product and am going in circles with these agents, which clearly

Dec 08, 2016

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