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I bought an LG G2 from their site, which seemed as a good, but 2 months later, the phone stopped working. It got all heated up, the battery nearly exploded and the screen got bent from that.
When i contacted customer service for the warranty claim via email, they informed me to return it and they will fix it or else refund the full price. Yet later when I called them, they refused to claim it under warranty for hardware maintenance, and said that their warranty only covers software! After arguments, they said they'll pick it up, but it will take 2-4 weeks to be checked!!!
I don't know, but if you put a one year warranty and say that we'll fix it within 7 days else we'll refund it, that should be the case.
Really really, bad after sales service, rude and the their warranty is just there to lure you in.
Site to be avoided.

Oct 18, 2014
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  • Na
      Jul 11, 2015

    There is no warranty on products, I had send a TV back for warranty claim, cracked my tv screen and send it back and they deny it saying warranty is not valid . How i wish i could sue the concerned people. Also they are very smart there is no actual bill or warranty card that you get from them. i learnt a lesson after buying 11 items from them, although i found a two of them defective before i didnt complain thinking it could happen since one was a kids toy and other was a sunglass. As a matter of fact the delivery guys themselves claim that delivers duplicate products and they are regularly taking products back from customers rather than delivering

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