Souq.commedala bustier issue

To the higher management of souq:

This is to complaint my order made at souq regarding medalan bustier worth AED291. Upon receiving the order, it was so frustrating to see only the bustier without the pump as opposed to what is display on your website. After following the return procedure for 3 weeks, I just did follow up call in the customer service and so disappointing to hear that it will not be replaceable because the item I have purchased is just the bustier itself which was not mentioned on the day I sent the complaint and even took long time. Why only just now they explained that I won't get the whole package as what is displayed which include the pump. It's unacceptable to buy just bustier worth aed291 . Do not put in your website and even leaflet if I customer will not receive what they order. I need proper explanation and urgent action on this matter as I need to do deliver my baby and use it for breastfeeding. I regret that if there is no action will be taken in this issue I'M gonna spread out the bad experienced I had and will never ever purchase anything anymore. Ref. Amelie [protected].

I spoke to 1 of the supervisor and he told they will consider it since its the right of the customer what is inside the box or the item . They left me hanging for 3 weeks that they will gonna refund the miney in the souq account in order for mw to order the proper product i need .without informing me that its not acceptablei received a call from aramex that I have delivery. And obviously I declined it since I don't have any feed back from souq.

May 06, 2017

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