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Cairo, EG
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I bought a mobile phone Hawaii H5 2017 from
The device has a problem with the camera app that doesn't respond. I called the customer service who told me the process is that they send someone to take the device in 48 hours and 24 hours they received it and send it to the seller to check the problem in 48 hours. They returned it back to us and called us to say they repair it. 2 days later the same problem shown again. I called them back. They started by saying they didn't send it to the seller, they check it by themselves and found no problem. (How come I am wasting time to call them while no problem?) Then, they asked me to go to the repairing center to got a certificate said that the device has a problem. I went but they asked for another certificate from souq after reusing at the beginning to give us the certificate. Is it possible to go through all that headache because I trusted what supposed to be a good reputation company! Please I want my money back .
P.s. there are dozen of complaints on Facebook pages of similar problems

Nov 28, 2017

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