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This is the worst delivery and customer services I ever faced. I have ordered a mobile phone iPhone 6 on 21-st of November and was promised to receive it between 25 and 27 November. Today is already 27-th and I didn't get it. I didn't receive any message as well. I called your company twice today . One of your colleagues said I get it today. I was waiting for some time and called Souq again because I didn't receive any information about my order. So the lady I spoke last told me she couldn't reach the delivery company but she got email from them as well about the that's amazing! First of all what kind of company is this which is not able to contact its suppliers???Definately not trustworthy. And second, if You Ara late with my delivery why don't you care to send a message???? How I can know about the delay if I don't call you again myself??? And the last, yesterday when I called Souq I faced such a rude telephone operator called Said or Syed who has no idea how to talk politely to customers. The way he was talking I try to explain you shortly. I called Souq from my home phone and I asked to check my order status. I said myself my mobile number and what I have ordered. Your college asked my name. I told him my name, but he asked my last name... well what's this??? I already confirmed my mobile number and said my name. What your college is extending my time or he is working in police?? I'm not calling you for your colleague s bad attitude. He doesn't know what is it respect. In the end he refused to check my order. Very nice 👍

Nov 27, 2018

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