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My name is daniel george. I have been a persistent buyer and customer of for quite a while now, but on the 31st of march I made an order for 2 tablet cases, and fortunately I received them the next day along with other items I ordered. But to my utmost amazement, when I opened the tablet cover, it was next to "rubbish" zibalaa like the arabic word. It was meant to be a universal cover with 3 strands to hold the tabs, but believe me, I received the 2 cases with the strands which were supposed to be firm, so weak and even falling off, to crown it all up, the tab itself was from an old stock and was already torn apart, I mean the 2. So I called them to get the items back, which they came back to receive it in a flash of light, and I was told by the agent tht my money will be remitted back into my account, can you believe that the same day I got my account remitted with 150le as "pending" and till this day I speak 13/04/2016... It's still on pending, I have called the cx care center more than 10 times, even wasting my own call credit calling them, but they never take any reasonable step, rather they claim to create a ticket and say they will call back in 48hrs, yesterday 12/04/2016. I called the cx care center again and a very good lady tried to help me out, she was understanding and called the seller, imagine the seller lied that I cut the item myself, please viewers, tell me, is it possible to spend your money buying somthing you so much need and cutting it. Well now as I speak, the seller with the name (Sayedmobarak) on Is not even returning my item or having it changed, and also holding on to my money. Is this fair? Well souq claims that he is just a seller with them and they are taking no action. I rest my case and leave all to allah.

Apr 13, 2016

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