Sonya Vardanyan / dcfs danger

Pasadena, CA, United States

Sonya Vardanyan is a child predator who currently works for DCFS in Pasadena, California.
Sonya Vardanyan, along with her fellow DCFS staff: KIm Sainten, Lashawn Noell, Zoey Sariego, and Ruth Lee, has been running a dangerous child pornography ring. They have been involved in child exploitation, illegal activities and danger to the families with cases in court.
They have taken advantage of poor families, by needlessly separating them from their children by generating falsely negative reports to the courts, causing them to be subjected to monitored visits with their own kids.
They also separate the parents from their kids by subjecting them to monitored visits so that, after a visit, they can tell the parent to leave their child and go home. That's when they take inappropriate photos of the helpless children and use them for profit.
Sonya Vardanyan is another monster that lacks a conscience and practices deceit and dishonesty and travesties against children and families.
If you have had to have any dealings with Sonya Vardanyan or her mentioned co workers, simply file a complaint, stating that she has made statements that have caused you discomfort.
The complaints shoud then be reviewed by upper management and hopefully be the cause of dismissal by this terrible woman, Sonya Vardanyan.

Jan 17, 2015

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