Sony Laptop / denial of refund or replacement after repeated repairs

Singapore Review updated:

Bought a Sony laptop and has sent it for repairs thrice for hard disk failure within 6 months.

With the repeated occurrence of breakdown (leading to data loss every time it does so), have asked for a refund or laptop replacement but they were unwilling to compromise. Even after repeated calls, feedbacks and complaints lodged, they only offered to extend the warranty by 6 months.

It is hard to believe that Company of such stature would not be able to provide better customer service in face of inherently faulty products sold.

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  • Am
      7th of May, 2008
    Sony Laptop - Bad Service and Harassment

    I purchased Sony Vaio CR220E for personal use from the US. Recently it started giving a BLUE DUM PHYSICAL MEMORY LOSS error. As I am right now in Bangalore, India I went to the Indiranagar authorized Sony center to help me resolve the problem of my laptop. They promised me to deliver me my Laptop within 3 working days, which obviously was not going to happen and as expected it didn’t happen. They didn’t deliver me on time. Then I made regular calls about 7-8 times everyday for 4 consecutive days. Moreover, SONY service center guys rarely pick up the phone. Then, one day they told me that the HDD (200GB) has been crashed and that I need to replace it by paying 15k. The thing which surprised me the most was just a day before they told me that the problem has been resolved and it’s under observation, which meant that the problem was been created by them and that the problem which was existing was been resolved. The sad part is the extravagant charge for a HDD. Any other HDD comes within 5-6k maximum (same capacity). Now, the most dramatic part is yet to happen. When I went to get my laptop, that they were planning to finally return it to me after a lot of pleading as well as screaming, the guy in the service center instead of telling me the problem and solution properly, he was shouting and yelling at me on the top of his voice. I have seriously developed a bad taste for SONY, after having an encounter with such ill mannered and rude people. In my opinion, the service center guy seeing a lady alone had an impression that being a girl I won’t and infact can’t shout at him and that he can say anything he wants. He was having a problem even, with me asking him the problem my laptop has. I am really disheartened by the class of service SONY provided inspite of charging extravagantly high for their products with respect to other companies. The quality of the products is also poor. And above all the most disappointing thing is the behavior of SONY people at its customer CARE center. (I strongly believe that CARE word should be removed from SONY’s CUSTOMER CARE.) I regret being a SONY customer.

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  • Ri
      15th of Nov, 2009
    Sony Laptop - Paid service not activated
    Richard S. Sule
    United States

    I paid for Norton laptop protection service, yet Norton still continues to ask me to upgrade. There is no option to input my product key and serial number to activate the protection. Whereas your company has collected $39 from my master card account in October, 2009. You leave no telephone number to contact you. That makes communication with your company very difficult. Please contact me via my email address: [protected] or [protected] Thanks.

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  • Sh
      26th of Mar, 2010

    i agreed bad service by sony i am victum of same i purchesed sony laptop it starts hung problem due to my bad luck i droped it in there service centre hubsun service centre at srinager vide recipt no 2888 but after 2months they told me set is ok but we have no softwere after 6 days i recived softwere but the set shows same problem the sony service head told me drop it back to service centre but again after spending 3months the set was returned having same problem i contacted many of there represantives but the did not dere to pick my phone.

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  • Vi
      19th of Sep, 2010
    Sony Laptop - Worst Support
    MIPS Information Technology Ltd.,

    Dear Sir,

    We purchased Sony Laptop Model VGN-Z58GG about 6 months back ...from the day one lots of problem ..we send to service center 4 - 5 times there are not able to rectify the problem and they are not capable for proper digonise they are not fit for laptops ...we informed Manager no action taken still we are facing lot of problem and now they are telling this model is out dated go for new model with Extra cost ...this is the way of doing the business or support from
    Number 1 Brand ?????? SONY


    MIPS Information technology Ltd.,

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  • Zb
      19th of May, 2011
    Sony Laptop - Laptop
    4161 @inona Ave #8
    San Diego
    United States
    Phone: 619-519-3914

    my computer popped up by checking for viruses and than says that I needed to update my anti-virus. With fear because my girl-friends computer crashed because of not having an anti-virus. I purchased it and I've been having the same issues. So I took it to the sony company and they told me about how the program one-care was no longer obsalete so I wanted my refund or another anti-virus to install but they told me that I would need to contact microsoft. which I did and come to find out from microsoft after the run around that it's not them. It was a fraud, and I was directed to google the names of the company and sure enough a lot of catagories popped up saying about the scam.

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  • Va
      31st of Jul, 2011

    my laptop speed and volume not clear. so solved it very carefully

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  • Pr
      16th of Oct, 2012
    Sony Laptop - speaker,windows,vlc

    i bought a sony laptop from chandigarh.and few days before i servicing my lappi.i told in service center that my seaker and windows are defaulter so change but he set bad speaker in my laptop and windows is again hanged

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