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I purchased a sound system model no. MHC-GNZ888D of sony brand which is known for customer satisfaction beyond expectations. But it seems that company is more flexible to profit orientation than customer satisfaction. The sound quality is very poor in instrumental or metallic sound. Now, I want either replacement of this model with superior models on payment of difference amount or attach extra speakers to provide the required sound effect if not free then on payment. If company fails to resolve my problem, it will lose its goodwill for bona fide customers like me & so on. If company rules & regulations do not allow this, please rectify it for your goodwill of customer satisfaction orientation beyond expectations. Hoping positively.

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      Nov 03, 2008

    I do not know if any one ever read this complaints or comment inspite of writing twice regarding problem with my home theatre and your engineers no one had ever followed up. I have home theatre DAV120K intially i got error pushpower protector and i call your customer service engineer came and he said problem with the IC or AC cheap and they have to replace and charged me good RS. 3500. When they delivered it after a repair still i was having a problem my speakers were going out rather front speaker and center speaker were not working. So i called your engineer who came and said there is problme with my wiring which i got it checked with 2 separate electrician who said no problem with the wiring so i called your engineer again who than said it is problem with the system IC OR AC cheap again he took the system. After he delivered the system we got it checked in front of your engineer and just because your engineer didn't repair the IC or AC problem my woofer got affected and now ur engineer is telling me to replace the woofer cost me RS. 5000/-. Your engineers are solely responsible for the this as they did not repair the system properly my woofer and center speaker got affected and are not working properly now. And mind you that my system is just 1 year old. Intially i use to promote sony to all my family and friends now I DON'T THINK SO WOULD EVER DO THAT MISTAKE. And when ever call your customer service your engineers or managers are list bother. And i want a replacement of the woofer and center speaker without any extra cost. It is just because you did not hired a good enginner to take care of the product why should i pay for there mistake. Sony being such a big brand and this product and service don't seems to be a good picture

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      Nov 17, 2008

    if you dont like sony then dont buy it...i have been using sony since i started listening music may be more than 10 years..and till now i have no isuues with sony..let me tell u no one makes sound like a sony does..i am thinking its you who is a problem far as product service and customer satisfaction is...they do a wonderfull job...i was planning to buy a sub and mailed sony for some info..the next day i got a call and the CCE made sure all my doughts were cleared...may be you should know how to use things...
    sony like no other...

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