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Sony Ericsson Service Centre, Compcare Services / Beware of Compcare Services, Jayanagar, Bangalore

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Sony Ericsson is among the world's top five Mobile phone makers. But, their after sales service seems to be not at that standard. I have experienced the better service than this from other small players. Myself and my friend had the bitter experience of their after sales service standard recently at their authorised service centre Compcare Services, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

My SE T630 was intermittently giving charging problem for past 6 months. Once in a while, it was not getting charged and apparently it was appearing to be a loose contact problem. I took the phone to the SE service centre Compcare sometime during July-07. The service engineer heard the complaint, checked the phone & charger and advised me to replace the charger saying that the problem is with the charger. I bought a new charger at a cost of around Rs.900/-. But, the problem still remained. When I complained this to Compcare again, the service engineer brushed the contact points and said, it is OK. And the phone did work for next 3 months without any problem. So, I unnecessarily spent Rs.900/- due to the improper analysis of their service engineer.

Again during Oct-07, the problem re-occurred. The phone was again intermittently not getting charged. Once again I took the phone to same SE Service centre, Compcare. Compcare collected the phone for repair. I was told that the phone will be ready in two days. When there was no response for next 4 days, I contacted Compcare. I was told that an IC has to be replaced and it would cost me Rs.450/- and service charges will be another Rs.250/-. I agreed for the terms. When I went to collect the phone next week, I was told that the phone is not repairable. I was charged Rs.150/- towards handling charges and the phone was returned stating that they are unable to repair it.

When I took the phone home and tried charging, the phone just was not getting charged at all. Remember, when I gave the phone for service, it was intermittently getting charged.

Everything is not transparent at Compcare. The bill and the delivery challan given to me were not in the name of Compcare Services, they were in the name of Smartcare Services!

When I narrated this experience to my friends, I was surprised to know from a colleague of mine that he too had a similar experience with his brand new, under warrantee K750i phone at Compcare Bangalore. An under warrantee phone was accidentally exposed to slight moisture and it started giving the same intermittently charging/not charging problem. He gave the phone to Compcare for repair. Compcare told him that the warrantee is void due to moisture exposure and he would be charged for both service charges and for the replacements for which he agreed. Compcare retained the phone for a month and later returned saying that the motherboard need to be replaced to rectify the problem which would cost almost the same rate of a new phone.

To his shock, the so returned phone was just not getting charged though earlier it was intermittently getting charged when it was given for service.

SE's own customer care system is no better. I posted my above complaint on SE web site. My case (numbered 71589872) was registered and duly acknowledged through an auto reply mail saying that their call centre would contact me. But, nothing was heard for next two days. I called up their customer care contact number. I was told by their telephone support that, they are not in a position to tell me the status of my case since it was booked through e-mail/web and I was advised to contact through e-mail only. So, I followed up with an e-mail with all the details and supporting attachments. After next 2 days, I got a mail from their customer care thanking me for registering a case, again asking for Service tag No and phone's IMIE No. which I had already submitted through my e-mail.

I have provided these details again to SE and hoping for SE Customer support to come back. At the pace, SE is responding, makes me feel that I may need to post the developments again in this forum.

Due to these bad experiences, I advice SE mobile phone users at Bangalore to avoid Compcare, Jayanagar, Bangalore, since Compcare’s "daal mein kuch kaala hain".


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  14th of Jan, 2008
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Here is an update on the same subject.

I received a phone call after a month from sony ericsson customer care. First time was during Mid November and next time was mid-December. On both occassion, the persons told me that the call was about the complaint I have lodged regarding "Non delivery of the mobile phone after service". I again explained them exactly what is the complaint on both occasions. The persons promise to call back later. But, no solution still.

Sony Ericsson sucks... sucks the customer's blood and sweat.
  14th of Jan, 2008
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I too had a similar experience with Compcare Jayanagar.

Why is still Sony Ericsson keeping them as Service centre?
  20th of Jan, 2008
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I want to know the full adress of sony-ericsson-service-centre in kolkata
  20th of Jan, 2008
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I think SE customer care all over sucks. Their service center is no better. My K850 sensor buttons stopped functioning and I gave it for repairs at the Goa Service Center. When I call them up to ask for the status they tell me "the keypad needs to be replaced". From what I understand, the sensor buttons have a key-strip which has nothing to do with the keypad but since they are the engineers I go along with it. I call up 2 days later and ask them what's the status and they tell me "the part is not available". Fine, another call 3 days later and they tell me "the part is not available". So I ask them what part. They reply saying "the display". Now this is starting to make absolutely no sense to me.

Another thing stupid about SE is that they don't support International Warranty. My cell was purchased in Hong Kong and it is only 2 months old but it's not covered under warranty since "it was not purchased in India". Apparently SE seems to have missed the Globalisation boat.
  31st of Jan, 2008
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Sending e-mails to the mail ids mentioned in the page
may help. Someone told me that his problem was attended when he sent e-mails to the e-mail ids mentioned in the above
Sony Ericsson Corporate Press contacts web page. But, I am not sure whether this would work for everyone.
  12th of Feb, 2008
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There is one smart care services near Madhavan park jayanagar which is the sony ericsson service centre for mobile services I purchased this sony ericsson w 810 i from Giriyas near Ashoka pillar las sep 2007 and this hands free was not working properly I some how went to the dealer to address thsi problem and I was given this address to see thsi service centre I gave my hands free on 25th dec 2007 for fault findings and I was told to come after 15 days but I went on the 18th day, but I was curtly told this hands free is not available from this company itself and I was told to come after three or four days to receive this and so onl;y I went to this centtre once again but it was the same scenery, this hands free is not available since the I have been visisting this service centre nearly some ten times but they are not in a position to deliver this. I request some higher authority to solve this and give hands free atleast back sothat I can go to any other service centre to get back. This is has brought a very bad reputation to sony ericsson mobile phones itself as I didnot have any problem with my Nokia phones earlier I hate to buy this sony ericsson mobile set next time and I have beentelling my friends and others not to buy this phone as this company didnot give their srvices in a right way.
  4th of Apr, 2008
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  23rd of Jul, 2008
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I had purchsed handset k550i in feb'08 and that was the worst ay o..day one the phone s creating problem and no one is coming forwrd to help the customer...call getting droped, n voice, call unmatured these are frequent feature ofthe phone ..it looks that it is second hand set...Sony mobile service at Kamanhalli, bangalore is worst . last 4 months same comlaint is coming and repeatedly i am going there and same answer we are monitoring the set..we are monitoing the set ... the really do not know waht to do...and everytime give my handset back sir pls see now..., this time 5 days back they took my set and sent to chenani..it looks they obkiged me...since then my bad days ae started ..i keep on following up ...i am helpless and everytime i am getting the answer that pcb need to be replaced and it is out of stock,
it appears someone from chennai will go to japan to bring pcb since govy t is busy in vote of confidence ..visa work is pending ..special approval required from amamr singh...non sense... so they ae going on foot.via pakistan .no visa reeeeeeeuired ...what rubbish...
extremely poor service of sony service centre, kamanhalli...

satish gupta
  25th of Jul, 2008
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k750 joystic problem. I M change joystic&keypad I C but same problem. PLS give me a soluation
  11th of Aug, 2008
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i want to block my mobile phone which has been lost sony ericson w700i
how to block
  18th of Aug, 2008
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W 700i joystic problem. i want to change joystic, keypad and also cabinet. plaease give the address in Kolkata West Bengal.
  18th of Aug, 2008
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I have purchaseda hand set (sonyericsson-K220i) on dated 21/12/2007 on HOT SPOT. Now I am facingsome problems with this hand set for one month. The problem is showing chargingbut battery not charged. I have registered two complaints regarding this in CARIANOTELECOM PVT. LTD (4/1 ROOP NAGAR, DELHI-110007). Both times he committed thatyour problem has been resolved. But still I am facing same problems. I am sorryto say that the working of this service center is very poor. They are not entertainingconsumers very well. Today I have again submitted my hand set on cariano telecom pvt ltd on dated 5/08/2008. but still i am not getting any resonse at your end. i have also registered a complaint in your call center ((SE757-580). every time your executive says that pl wait for one days. i don't know how much time will you take to resolve my issue. 13 days have lareay lapsed. kindly suggest what to do next.
  18th of Aug, 2008
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My Phone is working but battery is not chargin right now. If I change the battery then also mobile is not working.
  4th of Sep, 2008
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my phone is sony ericsson k550i.wehen switch on the phone it reqiures the sequirty code and after filling the sequrity code it is not on.and i am worried about it.please tell me solution.and give me a adderes of customer care centers in banglore.as soon as posible.
  8th of Oct, 2008
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I have a sony ericsion mobile phone model number 800 i walkman model
I would like to give for service. I want to know the address of the service centre in CHENNAI.

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