Sony Ericsson c902 Cell PhoneInadequate response/non addressing of issues

Product: C902
I bought this phone in jan 2009. Extremely poor flash problems in low light personal/social situations. Replaced brand new phone and encountered same problems. googled problems with c902 and biggest problems were with the low light insufficient led flash photo which ruined many, many pictures and experiences. paid 550 for this c902 and even sent in for repair with no improvement. As i suspected with all the websites, no changes seem to be done. Simply, send the original phone back without even looking at the extensive letter sent with the phone even providing examples of the crappy pictures in indoor low light situations. I used to be a consistent customer and never had problems with my k790 or earlier models.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Atlanta, GAI guess SE has failing management and is going downhill. If any one cares to do their own research, you will find that the flash problem is the most highly complaint and people dropping left and right against se now. Get your company together or lose a loyal customer forever, not to mention my own agenda to disparage SE and their response and crappy overpriced products now. Sent another email complaint and they sent typical response which was to update the software which was the only thing they did after i sent in my phone for repair ignoring the extensive list of problems and examples i included with the mailing in of the defective product.
Sony Ericsson is non responsive and going down hill fast. No wonder no major carrier really wants to brand with them!!

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