Sony Bravia TV 46EX52tv panel spoilt in 1.5 year of purchase

Been a Sony fan thus far, but recently a less than 2 year old Sony Bravia Tv EX52's screen gave way, On putting a service request we were told spend another `Rs 30k on replacing the panel, as nothing else can be done by the manufacturers of TV. Just to put in context, spending this repair cost would take the cost of ownership of Sony 52' Bravia over Rs 1lac. Its appaulling that its been over 1.5 month, and there has been no amicable solution offered by Team Sony, to make the service experience reasonable and prompt. We all understand on product assembly ensures 100% quality output but its expected for a company like Sony to offset a bad quality product with reasonable and responsible Customer service. Still awaiting a fix to the problem we have.

Jan 04, 2015

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