SNGPL / billing complaint


It is stated that my new meter for the upper story had been installed on January 04, 2016 with Name: Sardar Wali ur Rehman, Consumer Number [protected] and Meter Number ZA [protected]. On 15th of every month, the reading has been taken. On 15th January, 2016 my reading of the new meter was 000215. When I received the bill the reading was 000000. I visited the billing section and requested them to give me the bill of the consumed units but they told me that they will adjust the reading in the next month.
In this month, I received the bill of Rs. 13300 with the reading of 000517 with period from 04-01-2016 to 15-02-2016. Therefore the bill is for 42 days. I visited again to the billing section to correct my bill according to the reading dates but they refused and told me that we don’t have any policy to correct the bill.

Sir, you better know that the consumer bill has different slabs according to the consumed units. As per my knowledge, the bill less than 250 units will be of Rs. 2500 maximum which means I have to pay two bills of the same amount. But the billing section does not want to listen my request and straight away refused to correct the bill without satisfying me. It is injustice and unfair to force me to pay the bill of 42 days at once. Therefore it is requested to correct my bill as soon as possible as the due date is 09 March, 2016.

Yours Sincerely
Faisal Rehman
Mobile No: [protected]
Email: [protected]

Mar 01, 2016

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