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Bangalore, India

Hi Team,

My name is Niranth and I have joined Snap Fitness on July 2017.

As this is the first time I joined for 4 months to know more about Snap Fitness & I had paid around Rs.6000/-

But unfortunately, I Met with an accident in the end of August 2017 I was hospitalized and couldn't go to the Gym as my health condition was very bad... So, when I felt that I was completely fine I started going to the Gym again from Oct 23, 2017 and asked your 1 of your employe named Mr. Vinay to extend the days as I couldn't make it in this time period... And he directly replied that we do not have that option at all in our system... He don't even have that basics on how to interact with customers..

Can you please tel me what kind of policy is this? How will a person know that he won't be well/ will not cause any accident for next 4 months lost joining the Gym... Nobody is ready to give me an answer for anything in Nagarbhavibranch, Bengaluru, India...

I would request you to kindly extend the days as I couldn't make it due to my health issues... It was an emergency please try to understand... It is my own hard earned money what I have paid to Snap... Is this the way u treat your customers??? I will be expecting a prompt response from your end soon...


Oct 25, 2017

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