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I advise anyone who is considering joining to take a HARD look at the "NON-CONTRACT" they get you to sign.
They advertise that its commitment free and you can sign up month to month, however there is a catch. They will bill you for your first and last month when you join up, but if you try and cancel the automatic withdrawal you will have big problems. They will keep trying to persuade you to stay with the tactic to get you back in the doors. YOU CAN NOT CANCEL OVER THE PHONE. You have to meet them in person. If you leave a note or fax one to them they will pretend they never received it. It has happened to 3 people who signed up with me.

Remember that contract you didn't sign? Well you signed a contract stipulating that you will pay for another month somehow and they are going to charge you 25 bucks plus the regular monthly subscription for some reason. Remember that card you PAID for originally? Well now that they have you in person canceling your subscription signing some "release forms, " they want that back now.

The facility is nice, but if you're going to go to this gym, make sure you follow the cancellation stipulations down to the point. What a costly frustration!!


  • R
      Feb 16, 2011

    I have had the exact same problem in Australia, they didn't tell me that you had to cancel your membership in person either. If you did end up resolving how did you do it?

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  • J
      Feb 17, 2011

    Whenever I sign someone up, I go over all the policies, including that you can cancel at anytime, but you have to complete the Cancellation form. Shame on the person who signed you up that they did not go over the policies.

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  • H
      Apr 05, 2011

    When you join Snap you pay a prorated first month and a full last month. It's in your written contract, and, at my local Snap they also told me verbally. Snap charges my credit card on the first of each month. So if I want June to be my last month (and I already paid for the last month when I joined) I need to notify Snap before they charge my credit card for June. In other words, I need to notify Snap of the cancellation in May. If I don't make that deadline, then the last month of my membership will be July. Simple.

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  • S
      Apr 08, 2014

    Yep they got me the same way. I hate snap fitness and will never go back or encourage any one I know to join up, after the experience I had with them. I agree with the cancellation of cards when a payment bounces but that DHOULD Aldo be an automatic cancellation of the membership as well. One thing I know is that I am not paying them got a service in which I am not getting..

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  • 9
      Nov 19, 2014

    I agree 100%. They are a ridiculous company and legally something should be done about it. I had some owner that thought he was a lawyer emailing me. Sighting examples of how if you don't use your cell phone, you still have to pay the monthly fee. Idiot, cell phone companies accept cancellations by phone. Anyone reading this...FIND ANOTHER GYM. SNAP fitness are corrupt. Something as SIMPLE as notifying the client that the membership is coming up for renewal..they play dumb and say we don't have to do that. A simple courtesy. I don't know how they get people signing extension terms.

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