Snap Fitnessgym staff behaviour and very very loud ear damaging music

I am a member of the Snap Fitness gym in Banashankari 2nd stage, Bangalore, India. I have been experiencing a few problems at the gym. Firstly the gym music system quality is not good and when loud music is played it hurts the ears and since the gym is not acoustically designed the music sounds like noise. Whenever I am working out a person by the Name Suyash increases the volume to a very high intensity which is very painfull to the ears especially whem I am working out on the gym equipment which is close to the speakers. Firstly I do not understand how a gym member is allowed to play music of his own choice and how is he allowed by the gym staff to play very loud music. I thought one of the rules of the gym was that no personal choice music will be played. The music volume should be moderate and should be considerate to everyone at the gym. If somebody wants they can bring thier own music player and headphones and play whatever music and at whatever volume they want. If your gym does not resolve this problem please kindly refund my membership fess and I will join a gym where customers are respected. I was verbally abused and shouted at by this teenager called Suyash, when I told him please be considerate of other people in the gym he said he will do whatever he wants, and the gym staff was standing there and saying we are helpless. If you cannot respect your members, I do not wish to be part of this gym please kindly refund my membership fees

May 18, 2017

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