Snap Fitnessthey are a fraud!


Our experience was with the snap fitness in vista, ca as i'm sure they all pretty much operate the same since i've gotten hardly no cooperation from corporate. They say they aren't a "contract" gym but in fact they act as if they are. We cancelled our membership as the contract stated and now we hear they are trying to collect for months passed as if we were in a contract (Lol - what a joke) . Funny thing is we have the written cancellation and they still seem to think we owe it. They are a fraud! Not to mention the gyms aren't that great. I would much rather join a real gym than this any day, it's not like it's any cheaper. Don't believe their speal. . . They will get you in the end and don't let them have access to automatic debit no matter what you decide. I just highly recommend staying far away from sanp fitness all together, we've had such a bad experience.

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