Smashburgerburgers not being fully cooked

I have been going to Smash burger in Fort Mill SC at least twice a week since they opened bc its walking distance from my job. About 2 months ago I went and my burger was not done. I called and the Manager (Tim) did not believe me so I walked the burger back over there and gave it to him. Today I went and my burger was done so I had to walk it back over there. 2 months ago Tim apologized and gave me another meal and a card to get a free burger.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fort Mill, SC Today i dont know the guys name (black guy) did not apologize and only gave my money back without saying anything. The reason for this complaint is because dont like the reaction from the managers when they are told the meat is not fully cooked and the guy today was not professional at all. With that being said I will no longer eat from Smashburger and I will be sure to advise other to check their meat before biting it. You can see the blood in the wrapper when I opened the burger today as well in the pics attached


Aug 07, 2018

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