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Smart Circle / sales, marketing, customer service, retail, pr

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Please read!!! Please read!!!

I worked for smart circle for 3 years so im very familiar with the ends and outs of the company.

First of all, you will never apply for the actual company smart circle you will apply for one of their subsidiaries. The most telling sign that its one of their companies if it has "marketing" in the title but you've never heard of it but it sounds like the best opportunity on the planet thats them.

To but it simply your job will be selling directv in retail stores like costco, wal-mart, sams club, best buy etc.. I was a 21 year old fresh out of college kid and was sucked into the promise that I could make more money then I have ever dreamed of and that I could one day own my own business if I worked harder than I ever have. So I did. You will for minimum 6 days a week with approximately 55 hours a week yup that much. Now most employees will fail and get fired or quit. But some including myself will believe that these are the weak minded employees who lack vision and drive. So I continued on for a year and a half like this. All the while moving 3 times across the country helping people open their "markets" waiting for my chance. I personally hired and trained dozens of individuals and taught them how to sell and buy into this cult montra that I had and believed in.

Then it happened, I became an "owner" for 2 years I had been promised that the grass is greener once you become and owner and I soon found out it was far from the truth. I left everything I owned in iowa which is where I was living at the time and moved to california with nothing but a suitcase and 2 directv polo's. Soon I started realizing what a brainwashing scheme the entire thing was. You're supposed to be a business owner but you are required to get on conference calls everyday and they track if you are on the call or not. And if you miss enough calls they can pull your contracts with directv at any time. But when your on these calls they constantly train you on how to build better relationships with your employees and get them to do what you want while they think it was their idea. But still I stayed with this organization because I was so brainwashed I couldnt think of anything else.

But the money, at the height of my crews production we were making 12, 600 a week in 2 stores. Now that sounds fantastic right!?!?! Here's what they dont tell you. Number one you as the owner are not making that much money first of, you have to pay uncle sam taxes which will take a huge chunk of that. Second, you obviously have to pay your employees which is 2/3 of your total profit. Third, you have to pay for your "head office" account which a bank created for you based in canada that you cannot touch. Now that im out of it I realize this is their franchise fee's that they will keep of you quit or are let go. And the list goes on and on of things you have to pay for until finally at the end of the day you have maybe saved 400 after paying yourself maybe 600.00 before taxes for the week. Thats it. 600 this is what you have to show for working 60 plus hours a week, interviewing 5 days a week, managing your employees, getting on 4 conference calls a week and still going into the stores and selling yourself to make sure you make some kind of profit.

This went on for months with me treading water and barely keeping my business account from going negative. I began to ware down physically and began making mental mistakes like showing up late for interviews leaving the store before it closed things like that. I eventually lost my contracts because I accidentally started someone who did not have a completed background check. My fault completely taking fault for that. But what happened next crushed me.

My promoting owner who convinced me to move across the country who had spent years molding me and grooming me and gained my trust so I was willing to run through a wall for him, asked me to keep my employees working until they got someone else out there to take over. I of course agreed because this was someone I trusted deeply. I told him I dont think thats a good idea because I wasnt sure they would be profitable without me working. He eased my fears by saying if they are not profitable he will pay for them. I of course agreed. So after a month I compile a list of employees that didnt make money and sent it to him. He told me no worries it will be taken care of and thanks for the hard work.

I took some time off to gather myself from this exhausting job that I had and was considering going back for a "re-train" which to but it simply means starting all over again. But 2 months after we had the conversation about him paying for my people, I get a call from the labor board saying one of my employees filed a claim against me and I am being sued. I of course immediately called my former boss and he did not answer. Then I sent him a text telling him the situation asking him whats going on. He then tells me he's just not going to pay them. So a 268.00 check has turned into a 2500.00 settlement that I now have to pay this person and im sure the irs will be coming after me soon because they give you no instruction on how to properly shut down a business and im sure I did something wrong.

Furious, I called some of my friends that where still working in this owners office explaining the situation to them. They of course had been brainwashed like I was and didnt listen to me. I had heard for years now of bad complaints about smart circle for years but never from owners being screwed. Curious, I called some of the other owners in his organization that had also been let go and they gave me similar stories. Not to the extent of being sued but being dropped by the company no better than before they started. I called 5 former employees before I reached out to other former owners across the country who I had met on trips thoughout the years and they all gave me the same story.

It was then I realized that it was all a lie. Everything that I worked for all the sacrifices I had made had been for nothing. And that is the theme of this organization you'll work your tail off for nothing in the end. I wasnt a low level employee that worked at this company for 6 months I reached the highest level you can and im telling you its a scam. A pipe dream taught to young desperate for money college kids that are manipulated, brainwashed and used until there is nothing left.

I hope that I can be a cautionary tale for someone who has started working for a marketing company and just learned the company behind them is smart circle. Please read this and get out before you get too deep like I did.

Feb 5, 2017

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