Sleep Country / Terrible customer service

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Today I got a finally conclusion from sleep country and been told that option was not negotiable, take it or get nothing!
About four weeks ago, I purchased three mattresses and three covers from sleep country, they delivered me two wrong mattresses, actually cheaper one. I didn't noticed that when they came, because my baby was crying and they didn't let me to check the products at all. Two days later, I went back to the store because I found my back pain, they told me they made mistake to deliver me two wrong mattress, after two weeks waiting, they came to exchange but they only exchanged one, they said the other one has stain, I told them that I only slept two nights, and I have cover on it, plus there is no package when the driver bring the mattress into my suit, how did you know that stain is from us? I went to the sale person, they asked me to go customer service, customer service let me wait for another week, and said they can't take the mattress back because that mattress been sitting my house over three weeks, and they just give me two options, one is give me &80 credit, the other one is I have to pay almost same money to buy a new one! Look at how sleep country treat their customer! I was so mad about their attitude! They just wasted all my time, energy and mood! They never try to help you at all! They keep trying to give you hard time, and they don't care if you or your friend will go back to their store! I hope someone can teach me to how fight with them to get what I deserved back!

Apr 17, 2014

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