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I bought skype 'unlimited US/Canada' plan for one year, but only after using their service for 2 days, skype doesn't allow me to call out at all, while my account on skype's website shows 'Active subscription' for 'unlimited US/Canada'. I contacted the customer support from skype's official webgate for help, no reply. After trying without success for one week with skype support, I filed Buyer dispute on paypal, and again, skype doesn't reply to paypal dispute either.

After getting no reply from skype for another 10 days, I escalated the paypal dispute to Claim, and paypal immediate dismissed the 'Claim', saying they can not revert the transaction, and I have to contact skype for help. Of course, skype doesn't offer customer support phone number, and their official online support sends only automatic replies.

So, basically, I paid skype for one year's 'unlimited' usage, and used the product for 2 days, then, account blocked, and money is gone.

Skype and paypal are essentially the same company, so doing scamming also together.

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  •   Nov 07, 2007
    Skype - I was robed!
    United States

    Last 11-10-2017 I made a bank transfer to skype to buy a credit in phone calls. The transfer was correct to the bank account they told me. Last week I ask them for the credit, once it was not available in my Skype account and it passed some weeks. They just keep asking me for details of the bank transfer and never loose a chance to suggest me to make some other buys in their site. After a long change of e-mails I can only conclude I was robed.

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  •   Apr 20, 2009
    Skype - slandering person/s
    United States

    one day I came in to my chat system skype and found out my services was disabled.
    I emailed the company about this issue but no reply from a human at all only by a bot generating names to make you think they are real. my email program picks up false details or scams or spam so far skype has generated 5 types of people that is to be real and none have been found yet

    I found another way to contact them and its the same line sorry about your account we are working on it now? oh really then why in the hell have I not got this email on it why do I have to find out by others no in relation to you is my thought. the whole thing is they accused me of fraud from my own bank account lol and so did the fbi laugh. payapl another ebay service never seen or found that on my account nor did the bank, but they did see skype take many other payments from the past from all banks I used for paypal including the new system I added a year ago, and have paid them many times from the same account and many other methods.

    Hell I just paid godaddy the same as I paid them didn't claim fraud how is this possible.
    hmmmm id theft?
    Someone making joke and acting like they have power over you on the net lol try me on that note we will see lol. but as you well know skype stole my funds and I got slandered.



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  • Da
      Apr 29, 2009

    Diana, I´d beware they have a habbit of renewing at the end of the year prior to the expiration date automatically through your PayPal account. You can prevent this by going to your PayPal account and cancel any recurring charges. If I were you I´d do this immediately or you´ll be charged, believe me, read my complaint.

    Good luck,


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  • An
      Sep 14, 2009


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  • Za
      Nov 02, 2009
    Skype - do not use it
    United States

    I got an email on 4th of August 2017 that my account would be credited for 972, 00 euro while the contract only allowed a maximum of 10 Euro. It took me some days to find out that Skype mixed up the English and the European notation; They should have written 9.72 Euro and they also should have written another date (4 August instead of 8 April).

    It is not only this message that made me suspicious about using Skype. The other reason that I stop using Skype is that I could not contact customer service. I could not find a telephone number, no email address, no physical post address. No one to explain what problems were caused. I could not contact Skype in Ethiopia or back home in Germany. This worried me most. Imagine that Skype makes the mistake to take a few hundreds of Euro from you account, how can you claim the company?

    I have cancelled my submission, changed my credit card data and stop using Skype. My main reason is that the company meant to facilitate communication has no customer service and cannot communicate with customers!

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  • Tu
      Jan 11, 2010
    Skype - money taken and service not offered
    United Kingdom

    i made three applications on the 30.12.09 for the sum of £11.50 including vat, it was taken out of my account and never credited to the skype account. I made another attempt on the 5.1.10 and the same thing happened again. I would like it to be credited to my skype account or refunded into my account. It has not been transfered back into my bank account. I will not be using the service if this is the result i get everytime.

    my email is [protected]

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  • So
      Jan 15, 2010
    Skype - fraudulant charges
    United States

    This company has deducted 3 charges of $16.65 from my bank account. Although I have heard of Skype, we are not Skype users. These are fraudulant charges.
    I've looked high and low to find a customer service phone number for them. My bank cannot even provide a phone number. I've tried contacting eBay since they are a subsidiary of eBay.
    I will be filing a white collar crimes complaint with the FBI with regard to this situation if not rectified immediately.

    To those who are experiencing the same problems; I have heard of one success story by emailing [protected] & [protected]
    I have sent an email to these addresses this morning and am awaiting a response.

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  • Li
      Mar 03, 2010
    Skype - fraudelent charges
    United States

    I have had a unauthorized transaction from my checking account from Skype for 18.00. I have Skype but I have not used it in over a year because my sound does not work, and I know for a fact that it is free if you use it to talk with another skype user in the states. I never authorized a deduction from my debit account for payment of use. I have filled a complaint with them on line and of course they have no phone # for help. I called my financial institute to dispute these charges. I guess I am not alone I will let my bank no about these other complaints from other people and let them browse through all of these statements made. Hopefully we get to the bottom of this situation and catch these guys.
    Good luck

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  • Go
      Jun 02, 2010
    Skype - wrong account balance

    I paid to my skype account using VISA card half an hour back, and the account balance was shown 10.00 EURO for calling to India Landline and mobile. Now I am seeing the balance is only 0.05 EURO, though I did not make a single call within this time. It is a complete fraud and lost faith on Skype. If my balance is not reverted back I am going to stop using Skype anymore and going to take a legal action againt Skype.

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  • Na
      May 09, 2011
    Skype - unauthorized money deducted
    United States

    Skype!!! If you choose to deal with this company (wouldn't advise it) then make sure you pay for any credit through a pre paid card!!! They took money out of my account that wasn't authorized and caused my account to be overdrawn. We have literally sent close to 3o emails since 8pm 5-8-11. I have shown them proof and they haven't refunded my money ($10 for credit and $37.00 for overdraft fee from bank. BE CAREFUL because once they have your card # that's it. I have learned my lesson but I still contacted the BBB, FTC, FCC, CPA and about to contact the State's Attorney General. this isn't there first time doing this and it won't be their last until someone stands up and says " NO MORE" I've taken it to twitter and Facebook and anyone else that will listen! MONEY IS MONEY and it's yours and MINE.

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  • Cr
      May 12, 2011
    Skype - customer support
    British Columbia

    Can you imagine how crappy Skype support is for people that pay for their service. Have relied on Skype for personal and business use for 4 years and now really thinking that I need to move to another platform. All they have to say after I spent nearly $500 with them last year, and a couple of hundred the year before is self-help yourself after the last Microsoft update has made Skype crash and unusable on one pc. NO LIVE TEL SUPPORT AFTER THEY MADE NEARLY $1B in sales - WTF SKYPE - you deserve to be taken over - and hope that MS will improve Customer Support for its paying customers, otherwise, as I think many are doing - people will continue to dump Skype and begin favoring similar products, even if it will be for a higher premium - Customer Service is a paramount function of a company's success - and if you don't take care of your customers efficiently and completely - better forget about that once great product.

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  • Wa
      Oct 21, 2011

    Skype's website interface has always been very difficult to navigate, especially when the user creates a business panel and tries to manage business telephony from there. Over the years, it has cost me a lot of time and aggravation due to the way you have to navigate through the steps of adding and allocating credit, because there are no clear indications that you are where you think you are, or doing what you think you are doing until it's done. Then, when you find out that you allocated funds to a personal account instead of the business member, you can't transfer or use the funds. I have an online number assigned to me through the business panel, so I can't have one for my personal account (another arbitrary restriction), so the money allocated to my personal account is just going to sit there until hell freezes over (or Skype management wipes it out as a penalty for my stupidity). I can't change the number from business to personal, I can't change the funds from personal to business, so I'm done out of $42.03.

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  • Na
      Nov 14, 2011
    Skype - delaying credit

    My name is Nadav R. and I manage a small business and use Skype Business Manager as a tool for international Calls.
    On October 27th, while using this tool, I was charged 3 times $125 instead of only 1 time to extend the period of usage for a Skype online number.
    Upon complaining (it "only" took 5 different conversations), the Skype representative (his name is Juan Carlo G.) admitted to this overcharge and told me that my credit should be "processed as soon as possible".
    Well, it's been 3 weeks now and no credit. I guess they are relying on me to forget.
    If I would do this to my customers they would not buy from me again.
    Nadav R.

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  • Sk
      Dec 21, 2011
    Skype - skype
    United States

    I have a Skype account which I was charged for and now I want to discontinue this as I do not use the Skype; however, I cannot access my account as I have forgotten my password. At least three occasions on the 20th of December 2017, I was told that I would receive an email with my password instructions to change, etc. I have yet to receive any response from them even checking my spam and junk emails. How in the world do you get rid of this nuisance?

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  • Ha
      Jan 26, 2012
    Skype - auto credit topup

    I had never ticked the auto fill, however, was surprised to find a balance of $15+ in my skype account. Found that $10 was topup on the date and time I was on my flight to Taipei. Searched through Skype website and could not even find a contact number or customer service email address to make a complaint only the faqs. Even tried deleting my credit card details but to no avail. In the end, out of desperation, had to contact my credit card issuer to cancel the card as I don't want a repeat and intend to close my account once my balance is 0.
    I am furious and couldn't even complain to Skype. Also, my balance was more that $5 when Skype did an auto-topup instead of the stated $2.00. Never trust Skype anymore after this incident and hope the relevant authorities will investigate as I'm not the only person experiencing this.

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  • As
      Jan 02, 2013
    Skype - no customer care
    United States

    I have read so many complaints around the internet about skype. Yesterday I wasted 1.30 hours on trying to get credit for calls that did not work yet still charged (including connection fees). The transferred me 4 times between different department when each time they kept me forever asking for my deatils and whether they can call me by my first name. One guy from Bangalore could not even speak proper English. Long story like everyone else's.

    I just wanted to advise you guys on how to fight back. Just contact skype and keep on talking and talking to them. Everytime just answer with a short sentence or two. This way, they have to keep more and more support people and it costs them money. I guess they are paying $1 an hour for this but if many of us do it, they will bleed.

    So go over to

    Post your question (you can email if you are a paying customer) and go back and forth with them. I am already at my 7th email. Take it easy and remember that they have to read the whole story everytime time. Be polite and stick to the truth.

    Good like and let me know how it went for you!

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  • Ju
      Jan 13, 2013

    Did you sign up for an auto renewal?

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  • To
      Feb 03, 2013

    I paid $19.99 for 120 min. to call a cellphone abroad, because Skype is worthless I wasted several minutes and was not able to place the call. I sent an e-mail to Skype describing the problem and requested a refund, they replied that "according to their policy they do not make refunds for used minutes". I replied back that how was I, or thousands of others, were to know that their system is defective. Obviously those people are begging for another class action lawsuit.

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  • Wd
      Apr 24, 2013

    amazingly I have the opposite problem, Skype refuse to incrsae my credit limit and I cant use the service with 10 days of the oth remaining because they have obly a 50 limit per month on Visa plus a lot of obsure alternatives inc a debit card option that says 'allow 7 days' and paypal which I refuse to use because of a histiry of problems paypal refused to resolve
    I spent 2 hours going around the issue on the Chat line. All I get is answers from the manual that are plaining wrong
    I am looking for some alternatives

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  • To
      Apr 24, 2013

    I sent them several e-mails, which I kept, and they replied with made up paragraphs that I rejected. I told them over and over "I Want My Refund" and since they refused, I filed a complaint with the BBB, within a day I received a reply (through the BBB) and they refunded me not only the $19.99 but the original amount I had wasted in that loser company and I got rid of that service. I don't advice going through the chat line or calling them because you will get people in India, the Philippines or somewhere else who follow a script and have no power to do anything.

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  • Re
      Jul 05, 2013
    Skype - charged me for something I didn't order
    United States

    They charged me $18.00, 7 times on my Debit card on July 3, 2017, for a total of $126.00. I don't know these people and didn't order anything from them. I sent them an e-mail yesterday afternoon, but haven't heard back from them. I don't know how they got into my account, but will be changing my information . I want my money back, and don't want to have to wait 2 or 3 weeks to get it. I have bills to pay. And don't have time for this sh--. So if you can help me with out charging me I would be very thankful. Stephan

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  • Ro
      Jul 28, 2013
    Skype - forieng transaction charges
    United States

    Why is skype charged me foreign transaction fees of 28% for reload $10 for skype.
    I definitely do not accept it without explanation?
    Please explain!

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  • Da
      Oct 03, 2014
    Skype - this is best
    United States

    As much as I'd love to see FaceTime on my Windows PCs, the fact that you cannot use FaceTime on non-Apple products isn't a "problem" like a messed up interface, malfunctions, and the other issues with Skype. That's like saying iOS7 has "its own problems" because you cannot install it on a Samsung

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  • Jo
      Oct 03, 2014
    Skype - sometimes do video chat
    United States

    I have a 7" EMATIC e-Glide Steal that comes with a forward facing camera. This is what I tried to download and use SKYPE on. For some reason SKYPE works great on my laptop and it worked great on my old desktop, but the tablet is another story. It seems to see the tablet as a telephone and refuses to access the camera. I tried to use my current account, which it could not recognize on the tablet; I tried to set up a new account, which it refused to see as anything except a telephone, so I gave up and deleted it. Maybe it is the hardware that poses a problem, I don't know, but in my opinion SKYPE is not the same on a tablet as it is on your PC. Be warned to avoid the frustration I went through.

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  • Ke
      Oct 05, 2014
    Skype - skype is good

    I have the Samsung Epic Galaxy 4G and it works just fine on my phone. You just gotta remember that just like with any phone you're using a program and if you're in a bad area with spotty reception it's going to be laggy just like anything else would be.

    Chat works fantastic, Calling does what its supposed to do albeit a little laggy sometimes with the newer updates. Much better than my experiences with Tango or Oovoo!

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  • Mi
      Jan 05, 2019
    Skype - Fake account

    Hi, myself amit pratap singh . I found a fake skype account registered on my mobile phone with the name of "prabhjotkaur5321" .
    As my mobile number is +[protected]
    Please help me in deleting this account asap.
    This is really disturbing .

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