Skynet Bundusan / staff service and courier service

Penampang, Malaysia

My parcel has arrived at bki on 19 dec 2017.. Since today (22 dec 2017) I have not received my parcel.. Its been 3 days and i've been monitoring the delivery status since then but no updates at all such as attempting for delivery... I dont even know wtf they were doing at all this time.. Why dont they deliveres my parcel??? The branch I was talking about was skynet bundusan, kota kinbalu, sabah.. I've called them today at 2 pm.. I thought they wanna delivered the parcel today but unfortunately no delivery at all.. I am so frustated with this service!!! And the most fxxking thing was they dont even know how to use google maps??? They've been asking me the specific direction of my address.. And I start questioning, isnt it their [censor] job to find the address and deliver to me?? And its weird that they asked me for my address that my parcel were already have an address stamped on it.. And everytime I call them regarding my parcel, they would asking me for my address.. So [censor] dumb.. I have been calling em for the 10th time.. And the same question were asked *about my address*.. If they didnt know my address clearly why dont they used the internet, I mean the google maps?? Are they monkeys?? Worst courier service ever!!!

Please help me solve this problem.. I really need my parcel before this christmas.. My cons. No is [protected].. Contact me [protected]

Dec 22, 2017

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