Skagen / watch

United States

I purchased a Skagen ladies watch in rose gold (SKW2142) in mid-august 2014 for £112.5. Within a month, the glass had cracked without me having knocked it. I was told it was not covered by warranty and paid $99 AUD to have the glass replaced. 2 months later it happened again. This time I checked it before putting in it's box at bedtime and when I went to put it on the next day it was cracked. I paid $79AUD to have it repaired again. Third time, it occurred again within 2 months. The jeweller sent it away and Skagen sent back a new watch. However, in less than a week the glass has cracked! I checked it before placing it in it's box when I went to bed and it was fine. This morning I went to put it on and found 2 cracks!!! I am so disappointed as I love this watch and take great care with my jewelry. I only wore it when I went out and I work as a psychologist so I'm not exactly banging things with it. I am very unhappy having spent so much money on this watch.

Jun 28, 2015

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