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Could you please explain why the Drakes Drum close a large part of the lounge on a saturday afternoon for the bowls team when there are other areas in the bar where there is no one sitting, i am not against the bowls team just the management who say they donot care about the regulars.
We and others meet up on a saturday with children for something to eat and drink only to be told you must vacate this end of the room for the bowls team but you cannot take children in the bar and there are no other seats for everyone. Us and a lot of regulars are fed up with this situation and are looking else where to meet up on a saturday.One couple was told half way through their meal they would have to move in 15 minutes when the bowling finished are you supposed to stand up and eat your food when there are no seats available, why not just move the bowls team into the bar then there would be no problems.

May 14, 2017

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