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1 Kitchener, ON, Canada

My friend and I went to Sirens at Fairview Park Mall in Kitchener Ontario yesterday night to purchase 2 shirts. We were in/out of the store within 10 minutes and the customer service I received was appalling. I work in retail and was shocked at how I was treated! The store manager cashed me out and didn't bother to fold the shirts, she tossed them in the bag also forgetting to take the plastic tags off. She also didn't explain to my friend and I that you can't return the shirts... about 5 minutes after I bought them I noticed that the 1 shirt was dirty and the other shirt still had a plastic tag on it. I went back to the store to refund my purchase only to be told I wasn't aloud to get my money back for a DIRTY shirt and a shirt with a tag still left on and wrinkled from not being folded. Not only did they refuse to give me my money back without explaining the store policy when I purchased the shirts but the manager was extremely rude and gave me a lot of attitude. Since they refused to give me my money back they put the money on a store credit... except they put less than the amount I purchased the shirts for. I was given a store credit for $31 but I spent $36. I am disgusted with the customer service I received and had the worst shopping experience I've ever had.

Jun 12, 2015

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